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Dusk City Outlaws: Fortune's Game

Conan Mckegg

Dunhaven. The largest city in the world, the gateway to the new continent, home of freedom of thought and the new ideals. A place where nobles and common folk alike work together for the betterment of all.

Dusk City. The other side of Dunhaven. Home of The Right Kind of People. A place where all criminal underbosses work together for the betterment of all.

A diverse crew of criminal specialists have been called together to pull off a grand heist. Earn wealth, prestige, and most importantly - influence. But rumours of the heist are spreading, and the heat is on for this job to go off without a hitch.

Dusk City Outlaws is a fast paced and fun game about heists in a fantasy city. Players will be creating criminals at the top of their field and through the mechanics of the rules they will role-play the planning, preparation, and execution of their heist.

Each session will involve a different heist that is chosen based on the combination of characters the players choose.

One of Dusk City's greatest strengths is how it encourages clever thinking and planning from players without getting bogged down in hours of debate. Don't worry about analysis paralysis - DCO keeps the heat on and provides systems to prevent endless player debate while keeping things enjoyable and engaging.

Also complications can always arise that risk disrupting plans, so be ready to think on your feet!

Dusk City Outlaws

Necropolis Now

John Massie

January 1975. South Vietnam, near the Cambodian border. The lone survivor of a FUBAR black ops mission stumbles out of the jungle. Limping, bloody, barely alive. When debriefed they make a disturbing report. A hidden jungle temple. Attackers made of living shadow. Dead soldiers coming back to life, hungry for human flesh.

The brass is keen to chalk the report up to hallucinations resulting from injuries sustained, redact the failed mission into oblivion, and forget it ever happened. But for Marine Force Recon 666th Division, this sounds like the latest in a worrying trend of supernatural incidents just over the Cambodian border. A team is dispatched to investigate…

'Necropolis Now' is an action focused game using a modified version of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. (Sure other systems are probably more suited for this story, but I like to try twist 5e into weird shapes). Players will take on the role supernaturally empowered special forces soldiers in a story best described as Tomb of Annihilation meets Apocalypse Now. Get ready to love the smell of Fireballs in the morning.

D&D 5e (Modified)

The Dragon Scroll

Tim Oliver

The School for Enlightenment and Citizenship under St. Vartan and the King teaches an academic and practical curriculum, but its highest mission is to condition commoners to give up forever ambition, joy, true love, and any other emotion that runs hotter than lukewarm. Such passions and the magic they inspire are reserved for those with the correct breeding and quality - it's far too dangerous for the common folk. Clearly, this is the order of things.

You're being well paid to impersonate Royal Civility Assessors and sneak an important child out of this particularly chilly school. I'm sure you'll leave the place in good shape afterwards.

Spellbound Kingdoms is a swashbuckling-yet-totalitarian fantasy renaissance RPG. This is a prepublished adventure. Also this game has achievements if you like that kind of thing.

Spellbound Kingdoms

Blood and Water

Jamie Sands

You know that TV show with the vampire, the werewolf and the ghost all flatting together? It's pretty funny, until it gets really dark and sad...

well this game is the game of that idea. You're all not quite human and you're all flatting together. Sure it's cute that the zombie is making friends with the kid next door but is it really safe for him to be babysitting them? Who's turn is it to do the dishes anyway? And why does the new flatmate keep drowning people?

Blood and Water is a shared narrative game, character and player driven. Expect black comedy and emotional connections.

Blood and Water

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LARP: Quick and Queasy

Russ Kale

It's the end of Year 13 (Seventh Form) at Raumati High School, and Mr. O'Strate's theatre class has just performed 'Much Ado About Nothing' as part of the school's cultural concert, to rapturous applause. You all decided to attend the cast party at Leonato's place, while his parents are out of town, because they've got a pool and a well-stocked liquor cabinet that would have kept you busy, even if Don John didn't bring the keg. Needless to say, you all got absolutely hammered.
Now it's the next morning, and you can only remember bits and pieces of what you did last night. Crawling through the wreckage of the living room in the late-morning light, you've got to ask yourself - who was screwing in Leonato's room? Why do Benedick and Beatrice hate each other even more now? And what was in that weird green bottle?

'Quick and Queasy' is the fifth and final Shakespeare game for 16 players. It's about looking forward to the future and trying to remember the past. It's about romance and sex and melodrama and other poor teenage choices. Knowledge of 'Much Ado About Nothing' is fun if you're playing, but not necessary. While the game is light-hearted and funny, sensible players are preferred to handle the game's more adult themes.


DELTA GREEN: Artefact Zero


Media report, KXLH.com, 22 September 1999:
"The FBI and the Wheatland County Sheriff's Department are still mystified by the disappearance of a team of U-Penn archeologists from the Big Porcupine Creek area. While the FBI are tight-lipped, sources within the investigation have confirmed that the disappearance has been linked to that of University of Montana-Helena grad student Franklin Opetz, and that Dr Thomas Thorley is a prime suspect in the investigation. Dr Thorley has not been since since escaping from the custody of the Wheatland County Sheriff's Department a week ago, having been arrested after reportedly threatening the U-Penn team with a shotgun. U-Penn archeologists Dr Emmett Wilson, Larry Kazal, Denise Oester, and Gareth Wylin disappeared sometime on September 8 from the Harlowtown, MT Motel 6 where they had been staying..."

NSA Call Transcript, 09-08-1999 15:35Q (19:35Z) OR [REDACTED] RP [REDACTED]
Wylin, Gareth, working through Charlie for the group. 
Ah, Jesus. Everyone is gone. 
Wilson was the first to go, and he just, like, went... away. But now, and I mean its just been minutes. 
Gone. All gone.
Everyone here, at the dig. We're digging at Big Porcupine Creek, near Harlowtown. Harlowtown, Montana. [static] 
[B]ut I couldn't do it. Its something about the antenna we dug up. Something... 
[prolonged static] 
Hair's standing on end... something— [MESSAGE ENDS]

DELTA GREEN is an illegal conspiracy within the US government. Its purpose is to protect the United States from preternatural threats. When they detect one, they have three tasks: find it. Kill it. And cover it up.

This scenario is from DELTA GREEN: EYES ONLY, but will be run under the Cthulhu Dark system.

Delta Green Dark

LARP: A Wolf by Any Other Name

Donna Giltrap

by Maury Brown and Ben Morrow

You are all students at New World Magischola, a wizard college. For various reasons you have found yourself in detention on the night of the full moon. Some of the students are secretly werewolves, hiding their condition in order to attend the college. If they don't collect the ingredients they need to create the Rumulus Lunar Shield potion before moonrise, their transformation into a beast will out their condition and endanger everyone else. They could get hurt or killed, hurt or kill a friend, or worse...be expelled.

Your all stuck in detention together. Will you protect, assist or betray a friend? An enemy?


Shadows of Esteren: Loch Varn

Mel Duncan

The ruins of a Mageintist factory.
The wounds from a theocratic war, ended fifty years ago.
A vale of safety surrounded by a forested mountain full of unknowable predators.
A group of six navigate the gap between nightmare and reality.

Loch Varn is from the Shadows of Esteren prologue manual, using the pre-generated characters.

Shadows of Esteren

What's in the Box

Dylan Tiller

You wake up. You're lying on an old hospital bed, you know the ones with metal frames and a terrible mattress. The sheets making your skin itch slightly. How did you get here? Where is here? You have no memory of what has happened. One minute you were at home getting ready for work, the next you wake up here.

Slowly you sit up, your muscles learning how to move again. Looking around you notice that you are not alone. There are five other occupied beds in this room, all exactly the same as yours. The room itself is unusual, no doors or windows, just cream and green tiled floor, white walls, and mucus green ceiling. In the center of the room is a basic wooden table, and on that table is a box.

A small black box.

How did you get here? Who are all these people in this room? Why can't you remember much? Where are the doors and windows of this room? And what's in the box?

All playable characters are BAD Human Beings

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