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Dresden Files RPG

Dresden Files RPG - Fate System

Eagle One Down

Liam Jones

A transmission breaks the squelch on the radio at Forward Operating Base "Freedom". The operations officer picks up the hand set and waits.....


“This is eagle one approaching LZ over”

“This is zero alpha rodger over”

“Eagle one, LZ in sight drop off in five mikes over”

“Zero alpha acknowledged over”

“Eagle one approaching from the north, LZ looks clear, wait”

“Contact contact”

M60 Machinegun fire

“Oh my god, were going down, oh my god, what is that!”


Call of Cthulhu

Catalyst and Widfire now supporters of KapCon 18!

Catalyst GameLabs Wildfire LIC

Wildire LIC producers of CthuluTech and the Framework Engine & Catalyst GameLabs, current producers of BattleTech and ShadowRun are welcomed on board as supporters of KapCon 18!

SRM03-00 Everyone's your friend

Grant Robinson

Welcome to New York 2071. The mission is a simple search-and-retreive. You and your team need to find a package in New York and have it returned to your clients in Denver.

This is part of the ongoing Shadowrun Missions series of games, and is the first game set in New York. You are welcome to bring along any characters that you might have used in previous Shadowrun missions games, otherwise I will have a selection of pre-generated characters with me for you to choose from.

Shadowrun 4th Edition

Inquisinoia -- Like Lambdas to the Slaughter

Grant Robinson

"Conscript team Lambda, report to the bridge, the Emperor commands it!"

Things seemed to be going so well too, your role aboard the "Emperors Weapon" may not have been glamourous, but you knew, you KNEW your job polishing shoulder pads or replacing polystyrene skulls was critical, CRITICAL to the smooth running of the Empire. Now you aren't so sure, there have been whispers in your sleep speaking treasonous thoughts, and you think you've seen strange creatures walking the corridors of the warship at night. Now you have been drafted by one of the Emperors elite, an Inquisitor, for a very special mission that can't be trusted to the other servants of the Emperor.


Shadowrun -- Open Road

Grant Robinson

Outback Australia, 2071. The land is scoured by wild twists of magic where the dreamtime intersects with reality, but around the civilised edges of the dry land the corporations continue their relentless quest for profit. Where there are laws there are people willing to work outside those laws for pay. You are one of those people.

Welcome to the future of the lucky land. Hired for a simple retreival mission, how hard can it be to get one small box?


Trail of Blood

Alasdair Sinclair

In ages past, the two great city states, Ayeth and Mors defeated the Great Enemy and sent her crawling back to the nothingness. Since then, each generation has seen an exchange of envoys - a gesture of the bond of eternal friendship forged in the fires of War.

You are the envoy of this generation. The Old Ones say that the days have grown dark, and the nights long, ere an expedition was sent or received; but you are young, strong and proud: you do not fear to tread in the Forests of the Ancients, or traverse the Great Rapids, nor skirt the thrown down temples of the long-dead enemy of your races.

Like your fathers before you, you will set out in a mission of peace and mutual friendship across the Forgotten Continent. May the gods go with you, and watch your steps.


- Player character death is expected, and may happen at any time depending on the vagaries of The Tower and the skill of the players.

- Player characters will be partly player generated using a simple questionnaire. Through their answers to these questions, the players will determine significant elements of the game's feel, especially the intra-party dynamic.


The Journey

Barry Baker (taxboy4)

It's a fantasy story as old as time - a group of adventurers have a mission to travel from a town to a distant House of Contemplation..all that is missing is a smoky Tavern and an old man in a hooded cloak...

..but this mission is a little different, the world a little more gritty and grey, our brave adventuring party know nothing of dungeons and trapdoors..

The small group is comprised of a withered Nursemaid, a impetuous man servant with regular features, a retired soldier and a pure example of young female innocence.

Dragon Warriors (mostly)

KapCon needs you!

While we've timetabled 45% of the con so far, we need more games. Lots more games. Including another six for first round. So please, register your game today!

To Kill a Lie

Luke Walker

Hollywood: the glitz, the glamour, the grim. The Esoteric Order of Dagon's influence spreads through this town like a foul tide, eroding its foundations and sinking us faster into chaos. But what is chaos in a town where death is just a morbid sideshow or an unnoticed back-alley mistake?

People don't see what we see walking the streets every day. There are such things as monsters. In order to protect you, we have chosen to become that which threatens you - bonding ourselves to otherworldly symbiotes called Tagers.

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