The People of Chapparal

Welcome to Chapparal commune, a calm and gentle place for the growing of food and love for all of mankind.

We are focussed on making a real change for humanity by supplying real food to all the collected worlds. In a universe of possibilities humanity has chosen to feed itself with nothing but preprocessed food , drugging itself with pesticides and additives leaving the market completely open to a world producing completely organic fruit, vegetables and meat.

Thanks for coming to join us.

Your brother
Jacob Makepeace

-From the marketing material for the Chapparal commune colony - pre Shutdown

Notice: to CCC Directors
Priority: Urgent

Subject: Abandonment of Farming colony A1 - A8

A sector has been overrun by large carnivorous species, all eight FC in Sector A have been abandoned and we are withdrawing to central colony district.

Please advise on re-establishment of sector boundaries to avoid any further confrontation with Bos Carnvirous species.


Samara Pettigrew
Sector A - commune advisor