LARP Setting Timeline

2020: The advance of technology continues:

  • Virtual Reality technology is developed
  • Some basic genetic modification is developed. It is now possible to target specific disorders caused by a single faulty gene in utero.
  • The New Zealand Government increased science funding and several new institutes are founded.


  • Prosthetics have advanced to the point where people can manipulate them and even feel much like a normal arm or leg.
  • Implants connecting to the optic nerve are capable of allowing those who have lost their sight to see again. Almost as good as with normal eyes.


  • Frost Engineering is founded with a view to develop commercial space exploration


  • Bio Engineering company Splice claim to have developed a method of genetic modification with amazing results, say it will be commercially available int 5-10 years


  • The first child genetically enhances and designed from conceptions is born. Splice would publicly announce her birth a few years later. Smarter, healthier, stronger, better senses and likely longer lived than any regular human the option of having your child enhances from birth becomes an incredibly desirable prospect.


  • AI is developed but is not yet commercially available


  • Cosmetic genetic modification is now available. If you have the money and the desire you can change your appearance in drastic ways. People can alter skin tone and hair colour or even give yourself non-functional wings, horns or a tail if you are so inclined.


  • Splice announces a breakthrough that allows them to perform genetic modifications on a more intrinsic level. Enhancements of muscle strength, health and human senses are now possible.


  • Robots and various Android some of which contain limited AI are used to explore space and mine asteroids. Frost Engineering is naturally a leader in this field
  • Artificial wombs are available for those who can afford to avoid the rigors of pregnancy.
  • Biocom Ltd announces a revolutionary breakthrough in genetic modification that allows them to change living beings including humans on a fundamental level. With this breakthrough they can allow people to breathe underwater or survive extreme temperatures and conditions.


  • Androids are commercially available. They can be programmed to simply help around the house or perform basic factory tasks. They do not possess true intelligence and cannot reason, act on their own initiative or feel. They are entirely limited by their programming.
  • New strides are made in life extension of revitalisation methods. Human potential life spans can now be increased.
  • Biocom Ltd founds an underwater colony and starts recruiting people to live and work in this new environment.


  • Rumours of Androids that exhibit true sentience exist. Most people view such things as delusions brought about by those who blur the lines of reality and assign feelings to their synthetic servants and companions