Luke Walker

Welcome to Hekaton - a jungle-covered planet where stranded colonists hide from titanic monsters.

The great titan, terror of your parents and grandparents, lies among the ruins of its final rampage. It didn’t go down easily. Your families banded together to draw it away from settlements, to evacuate the people in its path, to blind it and weaken it until it was finally brought down.

As its corpse cools, you find yourselves in a changed world. You’d previously thought your homeland was a place of safety
carved out over generations, but the beast has struck at its very heart. Hundreds are dead, settlements are destroyed, refugees are needing food and shelter and the howls of mourning titans fill the night.

What will you do to bring your family safety and prosperity?

This is a Powered by the Apocalypse scenario for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins. The players will create and drive the story and action by playing not only their PCs, but also narrating the actions of the families and organisations which those PCs are an integral part of. The scenario uses partially completed playbooks for both levels of play, so that there is more time available to play through the scenario itself.

Powered by the Apocalypse
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Post-apocalyptic fantasy
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