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To Kill a Lie

Luke Walker

Hollywood: the glitz, the glamour, the grim. The Esoteric Order of Dagon's influence spreads through this town like a foul tide, eroding its foundations and sinking us faster into chaos. But what is chaos in a town where death is just a morbid sideshow or an unnoticed back-alley mistake?

People don't see what we see walking the streets every day. There are such things as monsters. In order to protect you, we have chosen to become that which threatens you - bonding ourselves to otherworldly symbiotes called Tagers.

You may be just as scared of us as you are of them, but better the devil you know...


Press The Flesh

Daniel Steadman

Press The Flesh

The life of a Sentinel is never easy. You are run by an illicit organisation with the goal of saving Transhumanity from itself and other threats.

You had been hoping for some downtime but floating above Venus you know you are in for a very long day *...approximately 2793 old terran hours...* your muse softly whispers in the recesses of your mind.

This game will be exploring what it means to be 'human'. There will be action and humour but we will touch on ideas and concepts that could make people uncomfortable.

Eclipse Phase
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