KapCon 2010

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Yes, there will be T-shirts, available in black and white and costign $23 - $26 depending on the number of orders (more orders = cheaper). If you want one, email kapcon@gmail.com with your size and colour. Orders must be received by January 7th, and the shirts will be distributed at the con.

New SDC Entries On-Line!

The SDC Archive has been updated with two of this year's entries, including Stephanie Pegg's winning entry, But Nobody Loses An Eye and Donna & Malcom's amusing Down & Out In Middenburg

We've also added the missing 2008 winning entry For the Honour of the Family. Sorry it's taken us so long to get that one up there!

Valley of Lost Children

Karen Wilson

You are a member of an elite unit in the Brassicacean army, hand-picked by the charismatic captain. You’re a close-knit unit of specialists, usually assigned to ambassadorial missions or diplomatic protection, but now, mysteriously assigned to a tax collection detail. Apparently some hick town in Umbellifera (a province you’ve barely heard of on the western margin of the empire) is attracting the attention and jealousy of its neighbours by having a few more sheep than them or something.


The Golden Pegasus Home for Retired Adventurers


"The Company of the Argent Banner" were once a bold band of adventurers. However, time waits for no man (although it seems quite happy to wait for elves and dwarves), and now many of the party have retired to "The Golden Pegasus".


Shadowrun: Best Served Cold

Richard Fields

Set in Denver using and Shadowrun 4th Ed.
"We're burning daylight kid and I've got a Johnson who's getting back in the game"

Bring your own player character or use the stock characters that are available.
Best suited to four players but can run with three to six.


Operation Icebox


The year is 1947, and the American Navy is conducting manuvers in Antarctic waters. But for a small group of marines, it's not just the icy conditions they'll be fighting...

The players will be archetypical soldiers (Sarge, Greenhorn, Moose, Doc & Koslowski) dealing with a supernatural menace on a sub-Antarctic island. We will use the InSpectres ruleset. Last time this was run, there was time for two episodes.


Pre-Con Drinks

Where: The Ruby Lounge, 14 Bond St, CBD Wellington
When: From 19:00 (7:00pm) on Friday 22 January
What: A casual get together the evening before the convention to catch up with old acquaintances and meet new attendees.

Pre-con drinks will this year be at the Ruby Lounge, the new establishment where SYN used to be. Be there or be absent.

Super Stir-Fry Samurai: The Remixed Second Helping

Nick Pitt

Take on the role of the Champloo characters Mugen, Jin or one of many other larger then life badasses available and ready to be thrown into this sizzling course of over-the-top samurai madness. Expect a bit of mystery, impossible odds, implausible events and an unlikely mash-up of some very conflicting personalities! Add one part Feudal Japan, two parts Hip Hop and an equal three parts of smack-talking and furious action and you'll hopefully have something that approximates The Remixed Second Helping of Super Stir-Fry Samurai!

A basic form of Truth and Justice

Exalted: Worldfalls

Tim Oliver

The youth of the Great Houses of the Realm can be so much trouble - the simplest thing to do is to send the annoying brats off to run some embassy or satrapy far, far away where they can't get into any trouble. Well, they can get into trouble, but at least they won't start a civil war or damage the fabric of reality. Or if they do, they're thousands of miles off, deep in the barbarian lands, and they won't interfere with your tea.

Exalted quickstart


(Reposted from Diatribe)

Thanks to the brilliant design efforts of Brynn and Norman we have this slick little number to offer this year.

If you'd like to order one please email kapcon@gmail.com with size and colour (black is the default, looks best with the logo). Cost will be $23-$26 depending on quantity we order.

Order will be placed at the end of the week, get in fast!

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