Child Hood Horror

Naptime in the Bag Room

Daniel Atkins

A darkness is infecting the dreams of children, turning happy night-time jaunts into the dream realms into terror-filled nightmares.

You are a member of Dreamforce Zeta-7, a team of Figments assigned to protect the dreams of the children of the world. You have been tasked with investigating the dreams of children and locating the source of the night-time horrors that plague them.

Pre-existing character options will be available if players do not wish to create their own at the start of the game.

Primetime Adventures

Hot Summer Days

Scott Kelly

It's the 80s and things are a lot more relaxed than they are now. The height of summer holidays and kids can run free without parents needing to know where they are at all times. It's your friends birthday and you have gathered together to have fun. Really what could go wrong, everyone knows there aren't really monsters out there.

Little Fears
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