The Lich King's Commission

Richard Love

King Valdern was a wise sorcerer king who ruled over a golden age of peace, artistry, and plenty.

That was three hundred years ago.

Two years ago, adventurers pillaged the old king’s tomb. In their haste for treasure, the tomb raiders broke seals that returned Valdern to the world as the evil Lich King. Since then, the Lich King’s armies of skeletal warriors have marched the land; each defeat suffered by the living swelling the ranks of the dead. Now only the capital, Heledon, remains.

Three days ago, the living King Barnardous the brave, and his sons, marched north with his remaining soldiers to meet the armies of the dead king in battle. No bodies have floated back down the river. This is a bad sign, and now the remains of Barnardous and his sons surely march south upon the capital at the side of the Lich King.

The only desperate hope left is you, the royal artists. You must save the kingdom by devising great works of art to present to the evil Lich King and awaken the wise soul of King Valdern.

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