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Planet Mercenary: Salvage Run


The capitol ships need repairs, but the price of materials has skyrocketed. The Commodore doesn’t want to afford it and has decided to turn a few idle ships and crews to the task of looking for salvage during the refit.
That would be you.

She’s had analysts scour the hypernet for every salvage rumour they can find and given you a list. Your freshly recruited crew were rival gangs last week, your fellow officers are… special, and you’re learning first-hand just how much empty the universe has in it. But hey, at least no-one is shooting at you. Right now.

3d6 Mayhem

LARP: Fallout

Jen Hay

The Nuclear Option is dead. Time to deal with the fallout. The villain was killed by their nemesis, Legend, in a battle that will not soon be forgotten. You and your fellow villains have agreed to a ceasefire, so you can pay your respects to the greatest villain of all time. Tensions are high. Secrets abound. Villains don’t play well with others, and no one can be certain if the ceasefire will even be honoured.

Of course, there’s also the issue of the Villain that hasn’t shown up yet. The three new Villains, who no one has heard of, and the hero that has infiltrated the funeral.

Are you strong enough, wily enough, enough of a villain to make it through the night?

Well. You’ll find out soon enough. Won’t you?

Content Warnings: Mind control (and related loss of bodily autonomy), romance, hidden identities

Homebrew LARP
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