Kapcon 2021

Freeze | Thaw | Broil


Your life wasn't normal, but you had a house, a car you drove to your job, friends you played poker with on a Thursday evening. You had a Best Buy Mastercard and were working on getting your handicap down to 11. You also had three passports and speak 5 languages, because you used to be a spy. Then you were burned, and put into deep freeze; persona non gratis. Espionage is a wilderness of mirrors and a game of shadows, and for just a moment, you saw behind the curtain and saw the unbelievable - Vampires are are real. When you looked into that Abyss, it looked back, and you were lucky to get out with your life, because you took a chance that the synthesized voice on the other end of a burner phone was on the level with you. Not everyone in your team was so lucky.

Now you're southern Kentucky, with a borrowed name, the contents of your go-bag, and the name of the first rung on the ladder out of the deep freeze and into the sunlight. Your only friend is a voice that might answer the burner phone, and you've got nothing left to lose.

Night's Black Agents

the Tribute


To preserve a fragile peace with its neighbour Crete, the city of Athens must pay a tribute. Every year, seven young Athenian men and women are torn from their families to be given as tribute to King Minos. None have every returned.

This year, your name has been called as tribute. Will you survive the horrors that await you?


Games on Demand

Lots of people!

Once again, we'll be running Games on Demand at Kapcon 2021! We'll have lots of fun, easy to play games as usual.

Call for Volunteers

Games on Demand urgently needs more facilitators! Can you help?

Necessary qualifications are:
- You would like to run some games.
- You could greet players, find them a game, and send them to the right room.

Low-preparation games are obviously stars here, but games/adventures with prep done in advance are great too (as long as it can be played on demand!) You also get to claim the GM's reduced entry fee and preferential game picks.

Have a think about if you’d like to take part, and let me know (email to mike@genericgames.co.nz).


Here's a list of games coming this year:
* Agon
* Birds of a Feather (playtest)
* Blades in the Dark
* Blaze of Glory
* Come Dice With Me
* Decuma
* Demigods
* Electric Bastionland
* Endure
* Forbidden Lands
* Heavy Metal Aeons (playtest)
* Heroes of the Hearth
* i'm sorry did you say street magic
* Ironsworn
* Lovecraftesque
* Monster of the Week
* Scum and Villainy
* The Sprawl
* Tachyon Squadron
* Unknown Armies
* Zombie World

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