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The Alchemist's Conference

Chris Haddock

The annual Alchemist's conference has come to Kaldera, along with all the chaos it can bring. Barry's Boys are planning a grand heist of the Seer's council, but before they rob from those who literally see the future they have to whip up some spells to fog the eyes of the wise. Rumour has it the grand Alchemist Fallivaro has concocted just such a formula.

That's where you come in. Barry has hired you as a deniable asset - you'll be performing the heist of Fallivaro's new formula, before his Boys pull off the main heist later in the week. You'll need to plan your approach, come up with some sneaky spells to get the goods, then make it out without the Heat catching you!

Fate is a narrative roleplaying game - the outcome of the story is more often than not a collaborative one, rather than the GM determining the consequences. Your character's aspects and backstory are integral to their stats, and can impact on how the game plays out.
Kaldera is a custom setting using the Fate 3 rules. Kaldera is a land of magic, where the fundamental building blocks of the universe exist in the form of Glyphs, ancient symbols that are used to write spells. Every spell is different, because each Glyph contains a myriad of interpretations - the Glyph for Fire also means Passion, for passion burns hot like a flame. It also means life, as warmth is vital to survival, but can mean danger too - because fire burns! Three Glyphs combined with the intention of the user creates a spell. Your characters in Kaldera are expert users of Glyphs, the only limit is your imagination!

This game, The Alchemist's Conference, is the first in a two part game. The events of this game will affect the events in The Prophecy Heist!

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