Great Fantasy Bake Off

Jackie Brasfield & Jamie Sands

Ladies, gentlemen, gentlethem, and assorted magical creatures, welcome to the Great Fantasy Bake Off quarter finals! In this week's legendary challenge, our 6 remaining bakers shall venture forth into the mystical realm of Cake Week, where towering confections rise like the spires of Candlekeep and ganache flows like the mighty Dessarin river. As they conjure sweet spells and whip up buttercreamy enchantments, they'll face three legendary trials: the Signature Cake Quest, the Technical Battle of Bakes, and the Showstopper Siege of Sponge!

Who shall rise as the ultimate pastry paladin? Join judges Paul Waterdeep and Grue Leith as we whisk away our intrepid contestants to a land where baking and magic intertwine!

The Great Fantasy Bake Off is a love letter to that other popular baking show on the Material Plane. Players assume the roles of contestants on the show where they’ll face three rounds of baking challenges. Cakes are constructed using dice rolls and card draws. Players have the option of creating a visual representation of their cake using arts and crafts materials, a written description, or a verbal description. (Don’t worry - cakes are not judged on actual artistic merit!)

Additionally, there are 2 Host roles available. Hosts interact with the guests, sometimes distracting them (resulting in penalties) or sometimes offering encouragement (resulting in bonuses). Hosts may also introduce rounds and help judges with their assessments of the legendary cakes on display. Guidance and support will be provided to Host players.

The tone of this game is intended to be friendly, silly, and wholesome (with the odd bit of slight inuendo in line with "soggy bottoms"). The level of competition should align with what’s presented on that other great baking show. Participants should be encouraging of each-other and supportive, while also being determined win each challenge, and if they’re lucky, be crowned Star Baker of the game!

Number of Players: 
8 (6 contestants, 2 hosts)
System Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Fantasy meets cooking show
Genre Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Role-playing Knowledge: 
Not Required
Funny, Colaborative, Wholesome
Age / Maturity: 
Teen and up.
This game is teen-friendly: