Mind the WMDs

Conan McKegg

About thirty years ago the TITANs, powerful AIs designed to protect us, went rogue and brought about the fall of humanity. Earth is a post apocalyptic wasteland and humanity has fled to the other worlds of the Solar System.

Now we have changed, we are no longer known as humanity but as Transhumanity. We have conquered death, our minds kept in backup ready to be downloaded into new bodies when required. Our forms can be anything, our bodies now just another resource for our minds to use and replace at our whim.

In this future there are many unknown threats. The TITANs are gone, but they have left behind strange gates known as the Pandora Gates - pathways to distant galaxies. We have been contacted by a strange race of aliens that have warned - DO NOT EXPERIMENT WITH AIs, BE WARY OF ANCIENT TECHNOLOGIES.

And in the shadows, a group gathers to protect our future. Firewall. A secrect organisation that exists to protect transhumanity from existential threats beyond our solar system. They believe *something* turned the TITAN's against us and they seek to find out what and how to protect us from them.

You are part of Firewall. Rumours have begun to spread that a group of activists are planning something big, something that could put the balance of power in the solar system at serious risk. When you are virtually immortal, what can stop you? Firewall needs your help.

Mind the WMDs is a sample adventure from the Eclipse Phase Quickstart rules, and is an ideal introduction to this unique action-packed transhuman science fiction. It combines cinematic action with existential horror to create a truly exciting universe. Experience not required, but a degree of open minded imagination may be necessary as Eclipse Phase deals with some unique ideas regarding identity and mortality.

Eclipse Phase
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Not Needed
Science Fiction
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Not Required
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