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Race the Sun


Something Bad Happened.

Not sure what, but the world really went to hell. Now zombies, bandits, and worse roam the world under the moon, and what dregs of humanity remain try to eke out a living as best they can. You are Runners, the only people brave, skilled, or mad enough to face the horrors on the surface and travel between settlements, carrying much needed supplies, intel and salvage. The night is harsh, the monsters are everywhere, but you are strong, skilled and bad-ass.

You are the only ones that can be relied on to keep everything going. Without you, everyone dies. So when the Grey Man handed the head of your chapter a briefcase and told him "This will change everything", you knew you would be the one to make it happen.

Run fast, take care, avoid the Aberrants.

And don't be outside when the sun goes down.

Rough Cuts are a series of short, focused, easy to pick up role playing systems. This one, Runners, is base around a specific consequence and damage system. The characters you play are skilled, and generally can complete any task without making a roll. The challenge comes in dealing with the consequences of your actions.

2d6 cents Rough Cuts

Press The Flesh

Daniel Steadman

Press The Flesh

The life of a Sentinel is never easy. You are run by an illicit organisation with the goal of saving Transhumanity from itself and other threats.

You had been hoping for some downtime but floating above Venus you know you are in for a very long day *...approximately 2793 old terran hours...* your muse softly whispers in the recesses of your mind.

This game will be exploring what it means to be 'human'. There will be action and humour but we will touch on ideas and concepts that could make people uncomfortable.

Eclipse Phase
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