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Greetings troubleshooters. Welcome! You slimy, newly synthesized clones, to Alpha Complex!

Your best friend and benefactor is the omnipotent, omniscient omnivore AI - Friend Computer. As a hyperintelligent AI, naturally he has better things to do than to solve the issues plaguing you troublesome remnants of humanity, so...

That’s where you come in, troubleshooter! You have been stuck with the important job of bringing a Hallowed Programmer to fix an issue with Friend Computer’s master terminal. Where is this located? Well that’s classified, above your clearance level. And what are you so interested for? Next you’ll want to know how to get there, and who you’ll be going with. Why do you want to know so much information? Sounds like something a communist spy would do! Know your clearance. Anything above your clearance is none of your concern. Anything below? Well that’s up to you to decide.

Paranoia is a classic RPG from 1984. A relic from a world still recovering from the red scare and the cold war. Filthy traitorous communists are your enemy. Treachery is all around. It’s as much a game of you versus the environment as you versus the other players. After all, how would it look to Friend Computer if you let them steal all the glory?

No prior game knowledge is required, but useful (And also illegal, how did you get a copy of that knowledge? That’s beyond your clearance!) Prior roleplaying experience preferred, though a willingness to betray each other and argue profusely will do. Not to be taken seriously!

Paranoia 2E

Sonic Screwdrivers Don't Go There!


You play one of The Computer's elite agents. Your job is to search out and destroy the enemies of The Computer. Your worst fear is that The Computer will discover that you are one of these enemies. Today, your friend The Computer has asked you to report to the WHO sector briefing room. This may have something to do with the announcement that all the cleaning robots in WHO sector have begun attacking medical personnel. You had better hurry to the briefing, you don't want to be tardy!


Paranoia: [Error:Topical Pun Not Found]

Grant Robinson

Loyal Citizens, you are called to action by your friend the Computer. A mission of the utmost importance, critical to the very safety of [ERROR: INSUFFICIENT CLEARANCE] itself!. You are instructed to report to meeting room [ERROR: LOCATION DELETED] for your orders.

The Computer reminds all loyal citizens to be alert for Commie or Mutant Treason, especially [SUBVERSIVE MATERIAL INTERCEPTED AND DELETED] which has been detected even among your fellow Troubleshooters.

Stay alert. Trust no-one. Keep your laser handy.

Paranoia 5th Edition

Project Olive Branch

Trond Nilsen

Welcome to the Project Olive Branch Troubleshooting Task Force. You may be aware that Quality Assurance have recently detected several critical defects in the first batch of Vindicators, due to be delivered to Alpha Complex Armed Forces in only a few days. Executive has determined that while these defects are most likely the fault of commie traitors and rival firms, a full review of the project is needed to examine these challenges and determine a preferred strategy for overcoming them.

Please report to conference room B14 for briefing.

Paranoia meets Dilbert meets Lockheed Martin.

Paranoia XP - Straight
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