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Ship of Fools

Michael Foster

The Solar Princess, the galaxy's most advanced and most luxurious spaceship (at least according to the advertising brochures), sails serenely between the stars. Some travel on her only briefly, visiting new worlds or sightseeing the wonders of the galaxy as she plies her never-ending course through space, while others have made her their permanent home. And of course there are the crew, only the best and brightest are chosen, obviously.

homebrew indie stylez

Against the Night


September 6th, 2248: For the past three years Earth has been fighting a losing war against a massively superior alien race known as the Minbari. Now the Minbari fleet has come to Earth. A call has gone out for everyone able to fly a ship to report to a muster station. From there, you have been moved out to near a military airfield and told to wait pending an announcement that should come in an hour or two.

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