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Anima: Disciples of the Dragon Prince



The Church of Abel teaches that the old legends and myths aren't true. There is no magic. Dragons do not exist.

But you are one of the few in the world of Gaia who knows better. There is magic in the world of Gaia and always has been. You may be a warrior whose skill in battle is so expert it verges on the supernatural. Or a Summoner, who has always had an affinity with beings that should not exist. Maybe a Martial Artist who has been able to tap into her own inner Ki to be able to perform acts of incredible physical prowess. Or A Psychic able to tap into other's minds.

Whoever you are, Omens have drawn you to Archangel, the capital city of Abel. Seat of the Church and home of the Empress. Beneath the zepplins, the elaborate spires of the city and the cobbled streets you know something ancient is stirring. Millennia old secret societies are moving their pieces in place and an ancient cult is gathering.

Anima is a high fantasy adventure game with a mix of magic, technology and pulp action.

Dare you face the Disciples of the Dragon Prince?


The Lost Church

Conan McKegg

Recently up in the mountain ranges that look out over the plains towards The Holy City, a group of archaeologists have uncovered an ancient chapel that the Holy Church believes to be an early church to Abel.

For over a month reports have come in describing mosaics and documents that date back to a time of great conflict and war, and may help provide insight into an era lost to history. But a week ago the stream of communication stopped. The Empress is concerned that something has befallen the exploratory group and has offered to pay for a small scouting expedition to investigate if there has been trouble from bandits or thieves in the area.

But what the group is about to find is no simple case of banditry, but possibly a discovery that will rock their understanding of the world of Gaia. A discovery that some people are willing to do anything to prevent becoming public knowledge.

The Lost Church is set in the Anima: Beyond Fantasy setting of Gaia. A world going through a Renaissance, where magic is something said to be of myth and legend, where science is on the rise. But there are those in the world who know this to be a lie. Magic is everywhere and it is getting stronger, not weaker. Ancient races, long believed to be nothing by stories, are being reborn - their souls reincarnating into mortal bodies. The game is a mix of Western Fantasy with the style and sensibilities of Japanese cRPGs like Lost Odyssey and Final Fantasy.

Anima: Beyond Fantasy
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