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One Hell of a Party

Dave Cadman

There’s a house party by the lake and everyone who’s anyone is there. Sure, you don’t remember how you got there and if you really know any of the guests, but who cares when there are bangin’ tunes, an assortment of highs, and so many strange and beautiful people to explore.

One Hell of a Party is a (highly modified) Monsterhearts adventure where the characters are hormonal teenagers who may or may not also be monsters. Confront the supernatural, solve a mystery, or just go on an epic bender! But be careful, one wrong move and you could be slain, or even worse, embarrassed in front of your peers!

Due to its adult themes, this is an R18 adventure. Respectful play will be required and an ‘X card’ and ‘lines and veils‘ will be used throughout.

Monsterhearts (modified)

Masks: Heroes of Halcyon City

Robert Vincent

Well done, you saved the day! You might just be kids in the eyes of the city's 'real heroes', but you just proved you're not to be scoffed at. Time to set yourselves up as an actual team, you'll need sponsors and good PR. Time to start with your own charity ball.
Masks is a new game in beta form where you play teenaged superheroes that uses the Powered by the Apocalypse system, and is not too dissimilar to Monsterhearts or Urban Shadows but within the Super hero genre.

Masks (PBTA)

Armageddon's Children

Luke Walker

In the dark shadows of our city streets, children with special powers are trained to fight for the safety of people they have never met. They are given no names and are considered monsters. This is a story of children who began to wish for Armageddon.

In modern world of dark conspiracy, super-powered individuals fight in high octane duels against monsters; monsters who they themselves will become if they push beyond their limits and lose those things that they care for and seek to defend.

Double Cross is one of Japan's most popular RPGs now translated into English. Drawing on inspiration like X-Men, Darker than Black, Gantz and Chronicle, Double Cross is an action packed game in which the characters weigh what they can do against what they can save. This game will be run with player generated scenes and 'open secrets' so that everyone can direct the flow of play and contribute ideas to maximise the drama the characters face.

Double Cross

Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon - DOUBLE FEATURE!!!

Sophie and Jenni

Two towns, both alike in dignity. In a small town somewhere, we set our scene. Two humans and their best friends meet their star crossed supernatural lovers. What happens next only you can say.

Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon, is every bad and good YA supernatural romance book condensed down into 3 hours of crazy fun. 8 people will enter, but no one knows what will come of it.

Chocolate instead of XP!

Player driven narrative!

Overly enthusiastic GMs!

Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight etc
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