KapCon 24

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Golden Pie Stories

Jan-Yves Ruzicka

Tanuma's cakes are famed throughout the village for their exquisite icing, light fluffy texture, and wonderful sweet sky-blue icing. But someone keeps stealing them, right after she's made them! Who can help her? Surely not the local henge, the village's animal-spirits?

Golden Sky Stories

World of Avatar: Paranormal Investigators of Republic City

Robert Shaw

A one-off tabletop game using the World of Avatar Roleplaying System.

Set at the end of season three of Avatar: The Legend of Korra, this game is about a small esoteric group of individuals who find their unusual skills in high demand. As a new team of professional amateurs, the Paranormal Investigators are faced with great change in their home, Republic City.
Expect Spiritual Shenanigans, Satomobile Stunts, Civil Construction Chaos and a healthy mix of bending meets technology.

The World of Avatar is a roleplaying system created by America Club members Joshua Eyre and Joseph Dillon, and expanded upon by a dedicated group of play testers. It is a simple d10 system focused on storytelling. While it uses dice rolls to determine how conflicts and actions resolve, the main focus is on the narrative and collaborative character-driven story.

World of Avatar

Small larp signups

As usual, KapCon is running a number of small larps this year alongside the ordinary tabletop sessions. Because these larps require costuming and casting, we are allowing players to preregister for them.

The larps in question are:

Round 3 (Saturday evening, 5pm - 8pm):
* A Royal Celebration (19 spaces)

Round 5 (Sunday morning, 10am - 1pm)
* Watch the Skies (8 spaces)
* The Universe (Which Others Call The Library) (8 spaces)

Round 6 (Sunday afternoon (2pm - 5pm):
* New Voices in Art (15 spaces)
* The Universe (Which Others Call The Library) (8 spaces)

To ensure everyone has a fair shot, we will be running a mini "shark week". Initial registrations will be taken by email between Thursday 4 December and midnight Monday 8 December, after which games will be allocated. Where a game is oversubscribed, the decision will be random. In rounds where there are multiple options, I am happy to take a first and second preference.

Following the initial signup period, games will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you would like to preregister for one of these slots, please email kapcon@gmail.com. I'll let you know next week which game you've been allocated to.

There is another game likely for round 7, and I'll open registrations for that when I receive a blurb.

Note that there are a host of fantastic tabletops as well, so don't worry about "missing out". There will be something good to play regardless.

Dread: The Sun over Mesa Amarillo

Russ Kale

Heading out into the desert for a camping trip seemed like a great idea. You're all perfectly aware of how dangerous it is out there, yeah, but you know what you're doing - you've done it before, and you're teenagers, which makes you indestructible, right?

What a shame it's not just the desert that you have to contend with out here. There's something here with you, and you're not sure what it is, but it only comes out after dark...

[The Sun over Mesa Amarillo is a Dread scenario for six players, about lights in the sky, bloodthirsty monsters, and conspiracies]


William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily a New Hope

Ruth Harper

This is not a game ... it is a play reading of Ian Doescher's "William Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope".

Return once more to a galaxy far, far away with this sublime retelling of George Lucas's epic in the style of the immortal Bard of Avon. The saga of a wise (Jedi) knight and an evil (Sith) lord, of a beautiful princess held captive and a young hero coming of age, Star Wars abounds with all the vallour and villainy of Shakespeare's greatest plays. 'Tis a tale told by fretful Droids, full of faithful Wookiees and fearsome Stormtroppers, signifying ... pretty much everything.

Reimagined in glorious iambic pentameter, William Shakespeare's Star Wars will astound and edify Rebels and Imperials alike. Zounds! This _is_ the play reading you're looking for.

Shakespearian English

Heroes of New Haven!

Robert Vincent

Set in the Parahumans universe, players play members of the Wards: teen superheroes in training. The adult heroes are busy chasing the Force Fourteen out of town, so you're running extra patrols. Just be careful, Villains have rights too and the media is always watching.


Tremulus: a Trip to Ebon Eaves

Eugene middleton

Your interest in esoterica and the occult has been noted, and slowly led to this moment. You and your companions have heard some disturbing rumours and are about to enter the town of Ebon Eaves..

Tremulus, based on Apocalypse World

Titan of Chaos

Mel Duncan

You have no memories from before St Daphne's Orphans School. You and your three siblings are the only students, and the staff outnumber you dramatically. Principal Boggins teaches philosophy, Mistress Tally doubles as the nurse and biology teacher. Glum is the groundskeeper. Chemistry is taught by Professor Glass.
The grounds are large, and so long as you attend classes, you are more or less given the run of the place during the day. Each night you are put to bed by the teachers.
You're coming to the worrying conclusion that you've been at this school for significantly longer than is normal. Based on your readings, you believe that you're 17. But, when you count the years backwards, you get stuck well before you reach your childhood.

Based on the Orphans of Chaos series by John C. Wright


Watch the Skies

Mel Duncan

It’s 1957, and you are in Palomar Gardens, the slightly seedy California home base of “Professor” George Adamski’s flying saucer cult. Tonight the extraterrestrials that have been visiting Adamski for years are returning. He’s announced that they are arriving to meet his followers and welcome them to the cosmic colloquy of enlightened beings. A flying saucer will fly overhead, and later the extraterrestrials will arrive in Palomar Gardens. It’s the night everybody has been waiting for - the desert sky is clear and bright, the air is charged with anticipation, and the cocktail bar is fully stocked.


Larp registration is now open

This year's KapCon flagship is Crisis Point, a superhero larp covering everything from spandex-wearing caped crusaders to modern gritty and grim antiheroes. You can register for it here. Please remember that you will need to register for the convention as well.

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