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Aliens in the Shed

Mike Foster

Hi there

I believe y'all were acquainted with my uncle, Kevin Hadley, although maybe you knew him better as Sarge.
He always told people he was in the Marines, but I don't know that he ever was. Turns out maybe a whole lot
of stuff he said might not have been true. Anyhow, nobody's seen him for a while and seeing I was the one spoke
to him most it fell to me to come down and sort out his things.
He mentioned y'all a few times, always kept a photo right there on his desk, got your names on the back and everything.

From some convention or other, 20 somethin years ago, I think. So when I found he had a whole shed full of things from that Aliens movie he never stopped talking about I figured y'all were the best folks to talk to about it. I was hoping you might could come on down and take a look, I know it's a fair way to travel for most folks, but I'm sure you'll agree it's worth it once you see what's in there.

I got no idea how much any of this stuff is worth, but I though y'all could check it out and give me some idea,
maybe even make an offer for some of it if you were so inclined.

This probably don't make a whole lot of sense, but I can give a better explanation if you decide to come along.
The 18th works best, I've attached a document with the address and some directions. It ain't the easiest place in the world to find, but you'll know it when you see it


Holly Marsh


Watchers in Death

NZ Starlord

In the underhive of Bellaphon III something stirs, a malign presence that has lain dormant for generations.
In response to rumors of warp disturbances, and mysterious disappearances Inquisitor Amberley Vail of the Ordo Xenos embarked upon investigations in the main under warrens of Tarsis Ultra, the capitol hive of Bellaphon III.
Last transmissions from the Inquisitor are garbled, what little that can be deciphered by the Astropathic choir speak of untold horrors beyond the imagining of mortal man, and of cults whose devotion and loyalty puts shame tothe Imperial Creed. Few outside the Inquisition have knowledge of what could be the cause of such devotion, but to the Ordo Xenos the signs are eerily familiar.
The Ordos has little choice but to resort to its finest and deadliest weapon. The battle brothers of the Adeptus Astartes, those who make wear the sigil of the Inquisition in place of their chapter marking, are recruited, for a time, from the many and varied chapters of Space Marines. Exemplars in the arts of killing all forms of foul Xenos, clad in the Black Power armour, and armed with the finest instruments of death found in any Imperial Arsenal you are the emperor's finest
You are the Deathwatch


The New Neighbours

Michael Foster

The teens of Grantsville, New Mexico, don't have a lot to do during the long hot Summers. Too old for stories of "Shiny Man" with his missing face and bottomless pockets for stealing children, or the vampire who supposedly used to live in the big ranch house back in the 70s. The new USAF tracking station has certainly revitalised the town, but it's not exactly a tourist attraction. Back in the 80s, plucky kids breaking into a military place was commonplace, but in a post-9/11 world it'll just get you shot. Meaning the so-called Alpha Kids are at a loose end and looking for a suitably interesting distraction to keep them occupied. Lucky for them some odd new people have moved in across the street...

Grantsville light

The Ice Forest

Mike Foster

Survivors of a crash, you eke out a tenuous survival in the midst of an alien forest. Fortunately, you stumbled across a structure soon after arriving, which provides shelter, but also suggests you weren’t the first to pass this way. It’s difficult to remember how long you’ve been here, as if the cold has frozen you in time, it could have been last week, or it could have been years ago. All you know is the present. Occasionally you catch a flicker of movement out of the corner of your eye, as if there are others out there among the trees, or it could just be your imagination.
Then one day a stranger arrives.


Mission Drift

Mike Foster

The Mission could not be allowed to fail. Lives depended on your success.
Now you’re adrift in space and nobody knows what happened. You don't even remember the mission. But it hardly seems important right now, because you need to find out what's going on right now. The navigational aid has vanished, and that's never a good sign.


The Truth is Out There

Michael Foster

More cattle have turned up dead with inexplicable injuries, which always attracts the conspiracy theorists and other crazies. It's up to a deputy from the Alamosa County Sheriff's Department to figure out the truth while dealing with the Ufologists and a journalist who have their own theories and are only too keen to help.
Is this the work of earthbound predators, another hoax, or the prelude to an alien invasion of Earth?


Aliens: Endgame


Endgame is an intense character-based drama in a horrific world.

In 1995, the weekend-long event Gametime launched a series of large-scale games in Wellington inspired by the Aliens film franchise. The last of these was Apocalypse in December 1999, which found Earth overrun by the alien creatures. Now, ten years later, Endgame will take you back to that blighted planet and give you a chance to seek out its future.

Specific to this game
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