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Chicago Mole Hunt

Damon Ross

You are the Captains of Frankie Ciserello's gang, a subsidiary organisation under the general administration of Alfonse Capone. It's been a good couple of years, liquor, girls, gambling everything was at an all time high, then the feds moved in and it all started to go belly up. First Big Al went down, then a few more Captains from around the city, now everybody is nervous. People are getting wary. Your little empire is tight, everybody knows everybody but still, secrets have been leaked, damage has been done and if something ain't done about it you're all goin' down. It's time to rattle some cages, call in some favours and get to the bottom of this, else you're all heading for the Big House. One thing's for sure tho, don't trust nobody!

D8 Rules Light
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