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The Grand Wannabe Adventurer School Tournament

Julz Burgissser

It's the end of the school year at Wannabe School, the starting place of all truly great adventurers in Isen. Which means it's time to showcase everything you've learnt this year in the school's Grand Tournament! Sign up for as many competitions, duels and challenges as you like, there's something for everyone. The giant Golden Trophy with it's gleaming ruby shining brightly at the top of it, has been placed on the trophy table and it towers over the smaller awards. Everyone wants to be crowned Tournament Champion. Everyone wants to take that trophy home. Will it be you? Play to find out!

Set in the homebrewed World of Isen, created by Brad Zimmerman. Session DM’d by Julz Burgisser who plays Marley Kraff in the D&D 5e actual play podcast ‘Fate of Isen’ available for download on iTunes, Spotify and all good podcasting apps. See for more details on Isen.

‘The Grand Wannabe Adventurer School Tournament’ is a homebrewed one shot adventure created by Julz to teach people how to play and use their characters skills, while playing in a learning supportive environment, based in The World of Isen created by Brad Zimmerman. The one shot is played over 3.5 hours (can be altered to suit timeframes shorter or longer if needed) with pre-generated level 1 characters.

Warnings: This session is fairly fun and super welcoming of all ages, abilities and who folx are or want to be. Due to the game being set at Level 1, no D&D knowledge is needed. This game is designed to teach and as such I would ask players with more game knowledge that still want to attend, to roleplay along in the spirit of that. I like to keep my players safety in mind at all times and run a respectful table with safety tools to keep it that way. Any questions regarding this, please ask.

AVAILABLE PRE-GEN CHARACTERS Dwarf Barbarian, Gnome Druid, Human Bard, Half-Elf Ranger, Halfling Wizard, Tiefling Rogue

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

The Halls of Ancient Axiom

Chris Haddock

7000 years ago, when the world was not the same as it is now, there lived a mighty people, as skilled in machine as they were in magic. The Axiomites as they were called built wondrous halls and filled them with riches and artifacts such as the world had never seen, and would never see again. They distilled the light of the sun, reflected it and refracted it a thousand times over and created a cavernous hall of light and life, that they named the Home of the Sun.

Eventually, great Axiom was abandoned, and its people fled the world. Some say they became beings of pure light, departing the mortal sphere for the light of the stars. Soon after them came the ancient Dwarves, no less advanced, and curious about their precursors, they delved the mighty cities of Axiom, and found the Home of the Sun. Whatever they found there, it was unsettling, for many dwarves perished and their records report a terror came from that place to consume their race.

Soon, the dwarves too were gone. Millenia passed and kingdoms rose and fell, and mighty Axiom became a legend. But now the world has come to find the secret of metal and steam again. Magic mixes with modern, and the world is shaped by coal and gunpowder, and the Halls of the Sun call out to adventure once more…
The nearby empire of Caelon has sent one of its own, a noble by the name of Heron Kashmere, to bring order to the frontier town that has sprung up in the upper levels of the Sun Halls, providing a home for the plunderers, looters, archaeologists and other pirates who seek to make it big on the treasures hidden within its depths. Lord Kashmere, as newly appointed governor, has put out a call to any adventurer wishing to delve the lower levels, and has asked that any news be brought to the surface of habitable rooms, useful artifacts or danger. For glory or for gain, you have answered the call…

About the Game:
Welcome to the Home of the Sun! This is a traditional dungeon crawl, with traps and monsters and treasure galore! It is run using the Pathfinder first edition system, a kind of evolution of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5. D20s will be rolled, and rocks shall fall, though hopefully not everyone will die.
So what’s special about this dungeon? Well for starters, I don’t know what it looks like! We’ll be building the dungeon together as we play, and it will begin to take shape the further you delve. The rooms, monsters, traps and treasure are (mostly) randomised, so not even I know what you could face!
I’ve designed the game to be as friendly as possible to people of all skill levels. While I recommend that players have some experience of roleplaying and of DnD in general, the characters available have been categorised by the skill level required to play, with an even mix of beginner friendly and more advanced builds. The goal is to have as much fun as possible, and to see some whacky situations crop up from my patented Dungeon-o-matic 3000!

Pathfinder First Edition

Chicago Mole Hunt

Damon Ross

You are the Captains of Frankie Ciserello's gang, a subsidiary organisation under the general administration of Alfonse Capone. It's been a good couple of years, liquor, girls, gambling everything was at an all time high, then the feds moved in and it all started to go belly up. First Big Al went down, then a few more Captains from around the city, now everybody is nervous. People are getting wary. Your little empire is tight, everybody knows everybody but still, secrets have been leaked, damage has been done and if something ain't done about it you're all goin' down. It's time to rattle some cages, call in some favours and get to the bottom of this, else you're all heading for the Big House. One thing's for sure tho, don't trust nobody!

D8 Rules Light
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