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One Hell of a Party

Dave Cadman

There’s a house party by the lake and everyone who’s anyone is there. Sure, you don’t remember how you got there and if you really know any of the guests, but who cares when there are bangin’ tunes, an assortment of highs, and so many strange and beautiful people to explore.

One Hell of a Party is a (highly modified) Monsterhearts adventure where the characters are hormonal teenagers who may or may not also be monsters. Confront the supernatural, solve a mystery, or just go on an epic bender! But be careful, one wrong move and you could be slain, or even worse, embarrassed in front of your peers!

Due to its adult themes, this is an R18 adventure. Respectful play will be required and an ‘X card’ and ‘lines and veils‘ will be used throughout.

Monsterhearts (modified)

One Hell of a Party: A (highly) modified Monsterhearts one-shot.


It’s a party at the lakehouse, and anyone who’s anyone is here. Sure, you can’t remember how you got here, or how you all know each other. But who cares when there’s shots at the bar, banging tunes, and so many beautiful and strange people to explore.

A (safe respectful) adult-themed, rules light, game of mystery and monstrous mayhem. The players will (mostly) be monsters, but even worse, hormonal teenagers. Based on the Monsterhearts mechanics, but with adapted rules.

Content warning: Includes adult themes, so R18 only. An 'X Card' will be used for players to indicate if they are uncomfortable with anything.

Monsterhearts (adapted)

Our Entire High School Sinking into the Sea

Russ Kale

It's the end of another year at Silverward High, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and everyone's getting ready for the senior prom. The theme, after a lot of argument and compromise, is 'The Sea and Stars', so you can expect a certain... diversity of gowns and tuxedos.

However, Silverward has been abuzz over the last few months with rumours of some horrible evil lurking in the school grounds. You don't want to be spending the best night of the year averting disaster, but you may have to team up with your friends (and enemies) to make sure there's still a student body left to vote for prom queen.

Monsterhearts brew
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