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The New Neighbours

Michael Foster

The teens of Grantsville, New Mexico, don't have a lot to do during the long hot Summers. Too old for stories of "Shiny Man" with his missing face and bottomless pockets for stealing children, or the vampire who supposedly used to live in the big ranch house back in the 70s. The new USAF tracking station has certainly revitalised the town, but it's not exactly a tourist attraction. Back in the 80s, plucky kids breaking into a military place was commonplace, but in a post-9/11 world it'll just get you shot. Meaning the so-called Alpha Kids are at a loose end and looking for a suitably interesting distraction to keep them occupied. Lucky for them some odd new people have moved in across the street...

Grantsville light



They describe the spy game as a wilderness of mirrors because you can never be sure whether you're in control or under control. When they say you're back for one last job, it's because it's the last job you'll be alive to do. Coming in from out of the cold is usually just the prelude to moving from the frying-pan and into the fire.

As burned agents, you're being brought back in from the cold for one last job and all you need to do is find the traitor in an organisation that thinks you already were one.

This is a non-procedural game of truth and lies using the Mountain Witch system. A high level of player creative input is required, and all I can guarantee is that not everyone is going to make it out alive.

The Mountain Witch
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