Fantasy Flight

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Magnet City Saviours

Ciarán Searle

Just because you have powers, doesn't mean you're going to make it as a hero in Magnet City. Are you charming, heroic and, ultimately... marketable?
Superlative Entertainment is auditioning, and this is the most lucrative gig you could hope to land. Unfortunately, solo contracts are few and far between, so you're being trialled as a brand new team with some other hopeful unknowns.
Mug for the cameras, avoid property damage and save the day; It sure beats trawling the Barbican app for odd jobs as a low grade vigilante.

This game will use the Genesys narrative dice system first seen in Fantasy Flight's Star Wars RPGs.

Genesys RPG

Star Wars: Dead in the Water


Across the Galaxy, the spark of rebellion has been lit in the wake of the destruction of the Death Star, the Empire's ultimate weapon.

Emboldened, the Rebel Alliance has significantly expanded its operations.

However, for your team, what began as a routine cargo run for Rebel Intelligence is about to take a drastic turn for the worse....

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion
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