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Surge Protection: Coming in Hot


Just one job could set you up for life. But if you’re caught, it’ll be a long stay at the ‘greybar hotel’. In Coming in Hot you play a small group of those desperate, daring, or straight-up dangerous enough to plan and execute an audacious robbery.

This is a collaborative story game for 3-6 players (there is no GM). During the course of a single session you’ll create a character and forge a criminal history with others, using a simple dice-based system. Each character also has an agenda of their own that players can choose to reveal to add further drama to proceedings.

Once the team is been formed, the characters assemble at their safehouse and the countdown begins. To successfully pull of the job the team need to know what they’re up against, and plan to defeat the target’s layers of security – but care is needed to avoid tipping off the cops.

With preparations made the moment of truth arrives:
- Will the team get away clean, and live happily ever after?
- Will the cops get tipped off and thwart the robbery?
- Or, will there be an epic chase sequence as the robbers make a desperate attempt to escape the law?

Because of the choices the players make, and the luck of the dice, no two games will be the same.

Players need to be prepared to add a few of their own creative ideas to the game. Because much of the content of the game is generated at the table we will be using the x card and lines and veils techniques. This game will also serve as a playtest of the system.

Coming in Hot
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