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Megagame: Dread Crusade

Dillon Burke

A journey megagame focused on an armed pilgrimage to liberate a Holy City from a Dark Lord. Players will take the role of leaders of a contingent of crusaders, or priests and magi who are advisors to the crusade. Players must manage the strength and morale of their followers, fight field battles, resolve side quests, avoid running out of supplies in the wilderness or during a siege, and resolve diplomatic tensions with rival factions and the various people you encounter on the way to the Holy city. The Inquisition will also bee looking for agents of the Dark Lord, who seek to subvert and sabotage the Crusade from within. The game will run over rounds 1 and 2. If you are unfamiliar with megagames, the game play uses a mix of board game and roleplaying mechanics, with a team of facilitators to help adjudicate actions.

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