The Dragon of Copper Mountain

Tim Crow

Brave Heroes Needed! Gold and Glory await! The posters were fresh, as was the plume of smoke that rose from the nearby mountain. The miners digging deep along the veins of copper had reached their lowest levels yet, disturbing a great sleeping dragon deep in the mount. They had all fled, and now, a few days march away by the river road lies the town of Stromburg. The dragon has been seen flying high overhead, and the townfolk are nervous and gossip is spreading. The Baron needs people to go talk to the dragon, find out what it wants, and resolve this all, one way or another.

Not just ordinary people, but people with skills and power! With drive and determination. Heroes! You?

Are you a Fighter, striding into battle with your ancestral weapon? A Rogue, skulking to get to places where others cannot, master of traps and shadow? Or maybe a Wizard, learned master of the arcane? Or another individual of great deeds to come?

This is going to be a classical high fantasy Dungeon World game. Dungeon World is a rules lite take on the Dungeons and Dragons style of game, powerful heroes overcoming fantastical obstacles. There's no rules knowledge needed, and the themes are all the good bits of pulp fantasy.

Pregenerated characters will be provided, just write in your name, assign some looks, and we can leap right in. All you'll need is two six sided dice, a pencil and some scrap paper.

Oh, and a Taste of Adventure, to seek The Dragon of Copper Mountain!

Dungeon World
Number of Players: 
System Knowledge: 
Not Needed
High Fantasy
Genre Knowledge: 
Role-playing Knowledge: 
Not Required
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