Kapcon the Thirteenth - I Know What You Roleplayed Last Summer

KapCon the Thirteenth : I Know What You Role-played Last Summer, was held at Wellington High School over the period 19 - 20th of January 2002 and again represented a record level in KapCon attendance.

We had 110 people registered, plus a few old friends who popped in to say hello, but couldn't hang around to play. At it's height we had a total of 17 (seventeen!) streams running simultaneously. It was good that this year we took two floors of the High School, rather than the one of the previous year.

For the first time we had The KapCon Kafe on site, something we will hopefully be able to do again. The availability of great coffee was a godsend for the organizers!. We also had NightWolf Distributors on site.

You can go and look at the original web site. The timetable on the old site has been updated to reflect what was actually played on each day, in case you can't remember what you did!

People's Experience of KapCon

Jenni Sands, who won Best Player at KapCon the Thirteenth, talks about her KapCon experience on her blog. There was also a discussion or two on RPG Central.

If anyone else has comments or reports they'd like to make public here, or reports they'd like us to link to, feel free to let us know.

Go here for a list of prizewinners and a picture too.

It is a tradition that there be a LARP, or Live Action Role-Playing game, on the Saturday night of KapCon. Kapcon the Thirteenth was no exception, and this year's LARP was quite a spectacle. Click here for more information on the game, including photos, and resources used in the game.

Once again, people have managed to get some role-players to stand still long enough to have pictures taken of them.