Kapcon's Game Legend

Kapcon's ultimate aim is to reflect the roleplaying community of Wellington, from year to year. To this end, Kapcon caters for a wide variety of roleplaying games.
Over the years, Kapcon has established a format to meet the needs of standard tabletop RPG session, as these are the heart of the Con. These needs include:

  • session length of three hours; 
  • player numbers of 10 or less; 
  • player signup may be on the day;

However, Kapcon recognises that there are many other forms of RPGs. Some forms of RPGs, even tabletop RPGs, have additional or different needs to those listed above. In order to allow these forms of RPGs to be run as intended, Kapcon is prepared to consider special arrangements, subject to being sufficiently notified of them and agreed in advance of the event.
Early Registration

Some RPG sessions require player registrations to occur prior to the day that the game is being run. If so, please notify and discuss your game requirements with the Kapcon organisers when submitting your game. Examples where early registration may be considered include:

  • LARPs where costume cannot be sourced on short notice; 
  •  games for young players where special arrangements with the players caregiver is needed; 
  • games with a setup that would cause significant inconvenience if there was a lack of attendance, such games with set dressing or technical equipment;   
  • unusual games or events where requisite attendance is uncertain, such as seminars or discussion groups.

If you request early registration, please be aware that Kapcon expects you to provide your players with everything that they need to benefit from it in a timely fashion, such as sending out character sheets and costuming guidelines with sufficient lead times.
Games on Demand

Games on Demand is a self-organised mini-event focused on low-prep games suited to single session play. Rather than having a structured timetable, games are chosen at the beginning of each round in response to player and GM demands. If you wish to run a game at Games on Demand, you should contact the GoD coordinator (or the Kapcon organisers, if you are unsure who this is). 
GMs who wish to run in GOD should prepare a variety of games, with an expectation that not all will be played. If you wish to run a specific game or scenario instead, then KapCon would love you to put it on the regular timetable.

Multiple Sessions

Some RPG sessions can be designed to run for longer than 3 hours. In this case, you should consider running your game in multiple rounds. If you require players to attend more than one session, please make this very clear in your blurb and also let the organisers know. Please be aware that this format may effect attendance to your game as its opportunity cost becomes two or more games.

Large Player Numbers

Some RPG sessions have more than 10 players. If so, the current venue's classrooms may be too small. Kapcon is limited in its ability to cater for RPGs with large player numbers, especially as use of the large central areas may create sound issues. However, please notify and discuss your game requirements with the Kapcon organisers as these spaces (and/or multiple classrooms) may be available at certain times during the Con.

For LARPs, we have found that the classrooms work for up 20 players.

Coordinated Games

Some RPG sessions run in coordination with others. In this case, the games can either be run in the same room or adjacent rooms as desired. In either case, please notify and discuss your game requirements with the Kapcon organisers so that the games can be appropriately located.

Organised Play

Some RPG sessions are part of an Organised Play group, such as the RPGA or EPOCH. Though we welcome all such groups to Kapcon, the organisers' first priority is to the Con's attendees. Cross attendance for the benefit of both is encouraged as much as possible and to this end the Organised Play group is required to sync its own schedule with Kapcon to provide for this. If this causes significant issues, the organisers are happy to discuss further arrangements.

Technical Requirements

Some RPG sessions have technical requirements that need some planning. This can include special equipment or alterations to the venue. In all cases, we would expect the person running the game to attend to all such requirements directly, as the organisers are already engaged with Kapcon duties. However, you should notify and discuss your requirements with the Kapcon organisers first, as they will need to be approved before you may proceed.


If you are interested in running an RPG that has requirements that are in addition to or different from those of a standard tabletop RPG but are not covered above, please let us know. We are happy to discuss what Kapcon can do to accommodate you.