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Your life wasn't normal, but you had a house, a car you drove to your job, friends you played poker with on a Thursday evening. You had a Best Buy Mastercard and were working on getting your handicap down to 11. You also had three passports and speak 5 languages, because you used to be a spy. Then you were burned, and put into deep freeze; persona non gratis. Espionage is a wilderness of mirrors and a game of shadows, and for just a moment, you saw behind the curtain and saw the unbelievable - Vampires are are real. When you looked into that Abyss, it looked back, and you were lucky to get out with your life, because you took a chance that the synthesized voice on the other end of a burner phone was on the level with you. Not everyone in your team was so lucky.

Now you're southern Kentucky, with a borrowed name, the contents of your go-bag, and the name of the first rung on the ladder out of the deep freeze and into the sunlight. Your only friend is a voice that might answer the burner phone, and you've got nothing left to lose.

Night's Black Agents is the Gumshoe game of Spies versus Vampires. You'll play a cadre of burned spies sent to the US south to extract information from a source that can destroy the conspiracy that tried to get you killed. The game will involve some investigation and planning, but it is not intended to be a real puzzler. The key will be what players do with the information they receive, rather than devoting a lot of energy to obtaining it.

Content Warning: depending on the table horror elements are very likely, also murder is highly likely. We will use the Script Change safety tool and begin with a discussion of lines and veils.

Night's Black Agents
Number of Players: 
System Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Action Spies
Genre Knowledge: 
Role-playing Knowledge: 
Not Required
Guns, explosives, alligators
Age / Maturity: 
This game is teen-friendly: