The Pinebridge Slasher

Julz Burgissser

A shadow has been slipping across Pinebridge, leaving a trail of gruesome murder and bewildered towns behind. It seems that whatever is behind the gory deaths has made it to Mept, Capital City of Pinebridge as they find another victim. The local force, known colloquially as the Mept Muckers for their slogans about cleaning up the filth, are scratching their heads about the strange circumstances around the death and Mept is humming with gossip, even more than usual. Captain Bobby Horg, has reached out to the only Investigators that he thinks can save his beloved city before the death toll climbs. The Famous Wistal Whistles Mystery Solvers are on the case. Can they find this Slashing Serial Killer or will they too succumb to a grisly death? Play to find out!

Set in the homebrewed World of Isen, created by Brad Zimmerman. Session DM’d by Julz Burgisser who plays Marley Kraff in the D&D 5e actual play podcast ‘Fate of Isen’ available for download on iTunes, Spotify and all good podcasting apps. See for more details on Isen.

‘The Pinebridge Slasher’ is a homebrewed one shot horror madness investigation adventure created by Julz, based in The World of Isen created by Brad Zimmerman. The one shot is played over 3.5 hours (can be altered to suit timeframes shorter or longer if needed) with pre-generated level 5 characters.

Warnings: This session is fairly fun and super welcoming of all ages, abilities and who folx are or want to be, there are one or two moments of scary. Just the usual monsters that make you go mad to gaze upon and gory death stuff but I like to be upfront and keep my players safety in mind at all times. Any questions regarding this, please ask.

AVAILABLE PRE-GEN CHARACTERS Dwarf Barbarian, Gnome Druid, Human Bard, Half-Elf Ranger, Halfling Wizard, Tiefling Rogue

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
Number of Players: 
4 - 6
System Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Genre Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Role-playing Knowledge: 
Not Required
This game is teen-friendly: