KapCon 2023 is delayed

We hate to do this again, but with Covid numbers climbing again and the risk of a christmas wave we have decided it is irresponsible to hold KapCon in January. We were already seeing a number of our regular GMs and players concerned and unsure whether they would come, and that makes bookings difficult. We know everyone will find this disappointing, as do we, but we are looking at what we can do to bring back the event next year.

We are currently investigating an alternative date around easter. We will also be exploring options for a digital stream for members of our community who cannot attend in person and are taking advice from people who have attended digital conventions or been involved in running digital conventions. Please get in touch if you have input.

We would like to thank all our GMs, who continue to prepare games for us, even when events unfortunately get cancelled. And all the players that are excited for a chance to come along and catch up again. We are hopefully going to be seeing you all again soon and getting a chance to experience those great games.

Once we've finalised an alternate date, we'll be in touch.