Games on Demand

Aaron Caskey, Morgan Davie, Steve Hickey, Sophie Melchior, Michael Sands

We'll bring along a selection of awesome games. You come to a session. We'll all pick which games to play and then bring on the fun.

Highlights this year will include:
- Bliss Stage (Mecha made of love versus aliens made of dreams)
- FreeMarket (Future hijinks in a post-scarcity, reputation-based economy)
- Bad Family (Animated sit-com roleplaying about a semi-normal family having a very bad day)
- Derby of the Damned
- 3:16 (Killing lots of aliens! but no Gregor this year)
- In A Wicked Age (swords & sorcery)
- Mouse Guard (brave mice versus the world)
- Sea Dracula (dancing animal lawyer drama! objection!)

The games will be on display (and facilitators available) between sessions if you want to come and find out what's on offer. If there's something you really want to play, try to come by before round begins and let one of us know.

We're opening Games on Demand up for drop-in facilitators this year. If you'd like to run a game in one of our sessions, come see us and we'll put your game on the list.

Here's the longer list of all games we're planning to bring (this is subject to change):
- 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars
- Action Castle!
- Bad Family
- Bliss Stage
- Derby of the Damned
- Don't Rest Your Head
- Dogs in the Vineyard
- FreeMarket
- Ganakagok
- Geiger Counter
- Hot War
- In A Wicked Age
- InSpectres
- Lacuna
- Mouse Guard
- My Life with Master
- Nine Worlds
- Poison'd
- Primetime Adventures
- The Shab al-Hiri Roach (with Darker & OVERLORD expansions)
- Sea Dracula
- Shotgun Diaries
- Sorceror
- Universalis

Number of Players: 
Around 4 per facilitator
System Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Genre Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Role-playing Knowledge: 
Not Required
Age / Maturity: