WR Arnimor DUAL: Echo

Luke Walker and Nick Pitt

Year 5 of the First Arcanotech War. The Nazzadi, a proud and ruthless alien race, has moved through the solar system setting ablaze Earth’s colonies. On arriving in Earth’s orbit, the conflict soon escalates into a full-scale war. At the forefront of this armada, a cell of Nazzadi soldiers achieve the honour of piloting Weaponized Relics. On the New Earth Government’s Ptolemy station, a class of Human cadets hope to earn their wings and join the fight. But soon all of their lives will change forever. Left with no choice, they are thrown into battle and must defend themselves, their family and their friends.

This game is run jointly with ‘WR Arnimor DUAL Unity’ and involves both cross over and combined play experiences between them. Echo focusses on the cell of Nazzadi soldiers and Unity focusses on the class of Human cadets. Each scenario is able to be played separately, though doing so will produce spoilers as there is about a 25% overlap in content.

Number of Players: 
Space Opera, Military Drama