KapCon 2013

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Baron Hope

Jon Ball

Set in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe, the players take on the roles of Inquisitorial acolytes. On the mining planet Sepheris Secondus, a terrorist group known as the Broken Chains has begun to cause more trouble than the local law enforcement can handle. The attacks of these mutant malcontents have begun to take a very sinister turn, with strange and disturbing technology being utilised. What is really going on on Sepheris Secondus, and can the Inquisition stop the heretical plans that seek to throw the entire sector into chaos?

Dark Heresy


David Schwartz

Since the event known as The Sinking, a general uneasiness descended upon the Great City, but that's no reason not to party!
The PCs attend a covert masquerade thrown by a troupe of thrill seeking young nobles. Matsoni Gimbros, the clique's ringleader, declares the party's theme to be The Sinking.
To complement his theme, Matsoni chose the perfect venue: an abandoned bathhouse on the edge of the sinkhole. Rumors that a ghost haunts the bathhouse only add to its allure.
Privileged, promiscuous young people in a haunted condemned building: what could possibly go wrong?


This is no child that dances

Karen Wilson

Copper Creek, a small town distinguished only by its private liberal arts college, turkey processing plant and unusually high teen pregnancy rate. Recently, a spate of unexplained fires has the local fire department and
law enforcement agencies stumped. You and your associates suspect supernatural forces may be at work. Last night a caravan in the local trailer park was burnt to the ground, incinerating the elderly resident. Can you solve the mystery and stop the fires before someone else is killed?

R16: Adult themes and possible trigger-warning (probably about as bad as watching the News on a bad night)

Monster of the Week

Something in the Heir

Sarah Daymond

When everything goes to hell, it doesn't matter who you know. It's what you know. What you remember.

What really matters is where you came from.

The Proga family came from old money, and they squandered it away. They hold the same grand party every year, but every time it gets a little less extravagant, a little less special. Rumour was, they'd spent it all on secret collaborations with the government. Not that they have anything to show for it, now.

This year, the only reason they're holding the party at all is the weight of tradition. You probably won your ticket from a radio station. It doesn't matter. Are you here for the party, though, or something more important?

Are you ready to learn where you're headed?


Red Gold

Igor Divjak

Its the year 2150 and hungry humanity has stretched out into the solar system to find the resources it desperately needs. Three corporations compete violently for lucrative mining rights on Mars, found to be rich with gold and uranium, both in short supply everywhere else.

Ascend Corporation mining survey 242 has gone silent after reporting the largest deposit of gold ever found on the red planet. An elite crisis team is dispatched to rescue any survivors and secure the site before a giant planetary dust storm buries them forever.

SYSTEM: EPOCH is a game of character-driven survival horror. The goal is to deliver a tense and scary experience in a single game session. EPOCH players are active participants in the creation of the game atmosphere and have complete control over the creation and ultimate fate of their characters.


T-shirts - with order form

Here's what this years t-shirt will look like, subject to very minor typographic tweaking. Price will be $25.

We'll be offering it in both Men's and Women's styles, in a selection of colours. If you really really want one in black you can get it but people are saying Charcoal is the new black, and works much better with this logo :-)

Note that white is a possibility, but the colours would be inverted. Also, we need at least 4 orders in white (or light colours) in order to make it work, because there is extra cost in swapping inks over. If you want white, please choose your style, size and an alternate colour from the drop down. And make a note in the comments field that you want white. If we get enough orders, we will do a run in white. Otherwise, your alternate colour will be used.

And here's the order form. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGdteTREZHhxRTR0NlR...

Ink Will Have To Do

Freya Sacksen

London, 1888. It's July, stinking hot, and the city is crawling with things that can't be mentioned - vampires, werewolves, mummies, succubi, fae (dark horrid things - in the Islands they know, but the upper classmen here sniff and tell tall tales)...

...and now dead prostitutes.

For one reason or another, you're getting drawn into petty mortal disputes that, you're to find, are far less petty than they seem, and far beyond mortal than they have any right to be.

Monster of the Week

Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon Double Feature

Sophie Melchior and Jenni Dowsett

Two towns, both alike in dignity, linked by a big scary forest right plum in between the two of them. The towns of Hosepipe and Garden Chair, Washington are rivals and have been since the dawn of time. Well, since anyone can remember anyway. Come join in on some crazy frenetic excitement of the teen supernatural romance flavour, two groups of supernaturals, two sets of human best friends and two teachers who have an interesting past, this isn't a game for the weak of heart or those who like to take roleplaying seriously.


Death In The Streets

Alasdair Sinclair

Prohibition was the best thing that ever happened to you. You used to be the lowest scum on the streets, now you’re welcome at every fancy place in town. Millionaires know your name, and your phone number. Gin, whisky, champagne are the lubricants of high class life: your life. You were a big man about the towns, and had the respect of all your friends.

Now when you drive through the streets it’s with a shotgun on your lap, and when the mists descend you don’t go out at all if you’re smart. It ain’t the law. You’ve got him beat. It’s something else. Something that ain’t no respecter of authority, and ain’t too worried by bullets and armoured glass neither.

Some say it’s the devil come for his share. You say: fuck him. This is your town.

EPOCH is the game of character-driven horror. It aims to deliver a genuinely scary experience in a single game session by placing the focus of the game squarely on the characters, supported by a simple, yet evocative, system. EPOCH players are expected to be active participants in the creation of the game atmosphere and have complete control over the creation and ultimate fate of their characters.


Phase Shift

Robert Shaw

The secret entrance to the tomb is somewhere in this South American jungle. Your team is prepared, each member slogging their way through the dense foliage. Still, you can’t help feeling that something isn’t right... maybe something is off with the other team members, or this expedition is more than it first seemed, or the secrets of the temple are just...
It must be the heat, surely....

‘Phase Shift’ is a systemless game about character interpretation, character interaction, character teamwork. As a player, you take on the role of a single character, and throughout the game will be challenged to re-interpret that character based on a ‘phase shifting’ setting, and interactions with the other members of your team.
The game is equal parts serious, fun, and a celebration of some of geekdom’s favourite genres!

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