Arcane Crimes Division: The Forever Vow


Arcane Crimes Division brings light-hearted buddy-cop style action to a fantasy city bursting with magic and thick with scheming villains and ruthless scoundrels. The focus of the game is the relationship between detectives, as they crack cases, engage in thrilling chases, and confront criminal masterminds.

During each shift (or game session), teams of detectives battle the clock, pursuing leads across the city to unravel crimes, and bring the guilty to justice, before it’s too late. While the detectives always crack the case eventually, should time run out, the villains receive an advantage in the final confrontation. At every juncture, detectives must decide whether to trigger their special abilities to boost their success, potentially risk causing collateral damage, that could see them both consigned to paperwork hell.

Play as a Siege Automaton, powered by magic and steam; a Spell-Runner, skilled at navigating deadly dungeons, a Crimson Court Vampire, ageless and unnaturally attractive; a Blade, acrobatic and fearless and many more. This game works best when detectives riff off their partners, so be prepared to collaborate and lean-into the genre.

The Forever Vow
Wedding fever grips the city as the latest celebrity power-couple plan their highly anticipated wedding, uniting two ancient families that have feuded for centuries. But the course of true love is never smooth. With a slew of anonymous threats, reporters dogging their steps and rumours that both families are against the union, it will take the considerable powers of the Arcane Crimes Division to ensure this wedding goes ahead as planned.

Arcane Crimes Division
Number of Players: 
4 or 6
System Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Genre Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Role-playing Knowledge: 
Not Required
Brooklyn 99 & Guards, Guards
Age / Maturity: 
See Buddy Cop Movies
This game is teen-friendly: