Shadowrun: Windy City Chaos

Grant Robinson

"Good afternoon, chummers. Name’s Goober. I’m looking to hire. My omae says to talk with you. If you check around, you’re gonna find I have a good reputation, and I keep my promises.

Good people, friends of mine, have gone missing from a tiny little neighborhood community. I want you to find out what happened to the people who lived there and bring them back alive if possible.

Are you in?"

This is a Shadowrun Mission, Season 7, episode 6.

This game is a Shadowrun Mission, you are welcome to bring your own SR5 character, if built according to the Shadowrun Missions rules, otherwise pre-generated characters will be provided.

Shadowrun can best be described as "Man meets machine and magic". Set fifty years from now, magic has returned to the world, along with elves, dwarves, orks and all manner of fantastic beasts. At the same time, corporations have taken control, and people trade part of their soul for implants that keep them on the bleeding edge. Cyberpunk with elves.

Despite being a traditional game, missions are generally run with a light touch, we can build in as much or as little complexity as you feel comfortable with.

Shadowrun 5
Number of Players: 
System Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Cyberpunk fantasy
Genre Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Role-playing Knowledge: 
Not Required
Age / Maturity: 
Violence, Some adult themes