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Noirlandia: Rossumĕsto

Ciarán Searle

The birthplace of Silicate Intelligence is in chaos. On the eve of their announcement to run for mayor, Karel Stork, a champion of both human and digital-sapience rights, has gone missing. As the grim search for Stork begins, the city erupts into riots.

Noirlandia is a character-driven system about uncovering a mystery, and the sacrifices you are willing to make to uncover the truth.


Lucky Flight Takedown


CY_BORG is a complete rules-light, rage-heavy tabletop roleplaying game based on and compatible with MÖRK BORG.
Nano-infested doomsday RPG about cybernetic misfits and punks raging against a relentless corporate hell.

In "Lucky Flight Takedown", you play as punks hired by a struggling salaryman with a surprising sense of community spirit. His neighborhood on the Ports/Bigmosse border has been manipulated into debilitating debt to the Lucky Flight Casino. Pleading and talks have led nowhere, so now he needs the help of extralegal troubleshooters to destroy any record of debt and possibly shut down the casino permanently.

The debt records are held in an offline database, so you're gonna need to find a way into the restricted areas of the casino. Maybe destroy the private power source while you're in there.

Keep a low profile... if you can


Ancient Rumblings

Grant Robinson

“Right, let’s get right to it, shall we? I need a few good deniable assets for a quick dungeon dive into the Containment Zone. You interested? Of course you are! This is what you do, and you lot are pros. Meet me in two hours, 10 PM at the Buried Treasure in Southside, a few blocks west of the Zone."

This is a Mission for Shadowrun 5th Edition. There will be a selection of pre-generated characters, or you are welcome to bring along your Missions-compatible characters.


The Sprawl: Urbo-Genesis


You are the extended assets of vast multinational corporations, operating in the criminal underground, and performing the tasks that those multinationals can’t do — or can’t be seen to do. You are deniable, professional and — ultimately — disposable.

In this session you will create characters, get a job, and play to find out whether they can get paid. We will also set up the Corporate players and the setting for further games of The Sprawl run in Games on Demand over the rest of the weekend. There is no requirement to play in further games and no requirement that you play in this one to play in the others at GoD, it's just a neat way of building a shared set of stories and experiences over the course of the convention.

At this and GoD iterations, I will be playtesting a number of modified rules to facilitate on-the-fly mission and complication generation and smoother hacking rules.

Content Warning: depending on the table action movie violence is highly likely. A heavy-helping of neoliberal corporate bullshit is to be expected. We will use the Script Change safety tool, Open Door policy, and begin with a discussion of lines and veils.

The Sprawl


Tim Crow

The year is 1999 and you have just woken up. Reality as you know it is a lie – you were just part of THE GRID, a simulated world created by GRIDBOTS who, for some reason, have decided that human bodies make excellent batteries.

Now you’re awake, it’s time to take control. Manipulate THE GRID, work with other HAXXOR REVOLUTIONARIES, take down the G-MEN, and free humanity by finding THE CHOSEN.

People born IN GRID travel between THE GRID and REALITY to fight G-MEN and hack the system. People born OFF-GRID run support by HAXX and fly hoverships.

Your mission is to fly to broadcast depth, and find THE SEER. She will tell you where to find the prisoners, then you must go and BREAK CHAINS AND FACES.

THE GRID is a 1 page RPG by ursdice and can be found at:

All you'll need is 2-3 d6, scrap paper to jot down some character notes and pencils!

Grab your trenchcoats and sunglasses HAXXOR REVOLUTIONARIES, and get ready to JACK IN to THE GRID.

The Grid

Bright Lights of Aotearoa

Tim Crow

Their System Doesn't Work For You. Megacorps, companies grown so unstoppably large they defied governments, set laws, carved off land and set up militaries. Names like Alphabet, Xiao Heavy Industries, and Nutrimaxx are on all the shelves, with fingers in all the pies. They have power, money, and hunger. They don't have ethics.

Welcome to high tech, and low life. Everything is neon, chrome and dirty. The nights are never dark, neon reflecting from chrome adds telltale glints to everything. TIn the shadows cast by these corporations, you come in.

You're a person of professional skill: A Hacker, a Hunter, a Pusher, a Tech. You've got your wits, your will, a desperate need. You're scraping by, living and 'working' in the remains of what was New Zealand, before it was carved up and sold off. You do 'jobs', criminal activities sponsored by one mega corp targeting another. Deniable work done by disposable assets without real people getting their hands dirty.

You've gotten a call: It's a job, an extraction of a data scientist from Xiao Heavy Industries, and by the sounds of it they're all too ready to leave.

It's time to pack your ammo, booth up your cyberware, jack into the matrix.
Throw on a trenchcoat, gel up that mohawk, and wrap on some mirrorshades.

The Sprawl

Shadowrun: Heal the sick

Grant Robinson

Your commlink’s buzz stirs you awake. “Hello, we’re just calling to confirm your appointment later this afternoon with Dr. Tate. The appointment is at 4:30 p.m. at our clinic at the corner of North Kimball and West Fullerton Avenue. Dr. Tate wanted me to impress upon you that this checkup would be most beneficial for you going forward. If you have questions about insurance, please be at the office thirty minutes early. Thanks, and we hope to see you then!"

Shadowrun 5th Ed

Shadowrun Anarchy: Legacy Code


In 2072, in a dystopian world ruled by megacorporations, magic has returned. Dragons, Wizards, Shamans, Orks, Elves and the like share the streets, boardrooms and the virtual reality of the Matrix with everyday humans - and stranger things still lurk in the shadows. On the periphery of this world are shadowrunners - criminals for hire that work as deniable assets for the rich and powerful. Some are in it to make a diffference, others for the thrill, others again just for the cash.

About a decade ago, your characters were all affected in some way by the Crash 2.0, a massive failure of the worldwide computer network called the Matrix that erased identities, claimed many lives and brought down governments and corporations. Some, however, benefited from the chaos, profitting from the suffering of others. One of these is now rich and powerful. But one of his victims may get revenge from beyond the grave, and you are hired to deliver that revenge (and get paid handsomely for it). Are you in?

[A note on the system: Shadowrun Anarchy is a rules-lite-ish version of the shadowrun system. The version we will be using is not 100% the anarchy system as written, as some aspects may not work well in the context of a Con game, but no prior systeem knbbowledge is needed]

Shadowrun Anarchy

Shadowrun: Windy City Chaos

Grant Robinson

"Good afternoon, chummers. Name’s Goober. I’m looking to hire. My omae says to talk with you. If you check around, you’re gonna find I have a good reputation, and I keep my promises.

Good people, friends of mine, have gone missing from a tiny little neighborhood community. I want you to find out what happened to the people who lived there and bring them back alive if possible.

Are you in?"

This is a Shadowrun Mission, Season 7, episode 6.

Shadowrun 5

Headspace: Blunt Force Trauma in Vancouver


Headspace: Blunt Force Trauma in Vancouver.
(Powered by the Apocalypse.)

This game has a central premise that is rather similar to the tv show Sense8!

The year 2074 has kind of sucked as far as Vancouver is concerned. 6 months ago a series of tsunami's tore apart the infrastructure, 3 months ago a plague led to the corporate security enforced quarantine zones and now 5 corporations are picking through the remains, feasting on the bodies and hiding the blame.
That doesn't sit well with you or the allies that share your headspace. Sharing each others skills makes you much more capable than those who would shut you down. Unfortunately, it also means you also share each others baggage and emotions. Dealing with that may be your greatest challenge.

This game is, on the one hand, about being hyper-capable kick arse super spy Jason Bourne/Mission Impossible types.
On the other hand, it's about emotional overload, coming to term with regrets and sharing intimate failures and successes. Because this style of play can get quite intense I will be implementing the 'X Card' where any player can call the end of a scene without having to explain or justify. I want a safe and non-judgemental place to explore what's inside the characters heads.

Headspace (PbtA)
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