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Tim Crow

The year is 1999 and you have just woken up. Reality as you know it is a lie – you were just part of THE GRID, a simulated world created by GRIDBOTS who, for some reason, have decided that human bodies make excellent batteries.

Now you’re awake, it’s time to take control. Manipulate THE GRID, work with other HAXXOR REVOLUTIONARIES, take down the G-MEN, and free humanity by finding THE CHOSEN.

People born IN GRID travel between THE GRID and REALITY to fight G-MEN and hack the system. People born OFF-GRID run support by HAXX and fly hoverships.

Your mission is to fly to broadcast depth, and find THE SEER. She will tell you where to find the prisoners, then you must go and BREAK CHAINS AND FACES.

THE GRID is a 1 page RPG by ursdice and can be found at: https://ursidice.files.wordpress.com/2020/11/the-grid.pdf

All you'll need is 2-3 d6, scrap paper to jot down some character notes and pencils!

Grab your trenchcoats and sunglasses HAXXOR REVOLUTIONARIES, and get ready to JACK IN to THE GRID.

The Grid
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