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How to GM panel

Paul Wilson

So you want to run a game But dont know where to start?
Are you looking to hone some skills?
Come and joins us at the Gm roundtable for a discussion on running games and some techniques to help you on your journey

We plan to cover:
Simple prep
Dont play for hours without your players
The Asymmetric nature of games
Your side of the game does not look like a players
How to engage in a dialogue with players
Roleplaying is a conversation lets model that.
Improv for beginners
getting beyond “ yes, and “
Basic safety tools
X Card , Line and Veils Script Changes, social contract
How to use your biggest assets at the table. Your players
Player roles and how you can get them to help you

If you want to cover a topic please contact the moderator
Paul Wilson


Panel: Getting Your Game Published

Mike Sands, Simon Carryer, Jenni Dowsett, Morgan Davie, Marcus Bone, Dale Elvy

Wellington has a strong tradition of people writing games and writing for games. This panel is a chance to discuss ideas, work out how to do things, and share experiences.

The panel will be made up with a few of us who have had some work published one way or another. We can share how we dealt with problems along the way, and hopefully help some of you avoid the same ones.

Topics that I expect we'll cover:
- Dealing with game companies as a freelancer.
- Working with Lulu and other print on demand shops.
- Using fundraising campaigns (like Kickstarter).
- Getting a game ready to print.
- Fulfilling orders.
- Marketing your game.

But I expect this to be mainly driven by the people coming along. Bring your questions!

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