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Twilight: 2000 - All my hope is in my magazine

Mason Warring

"We have maybe two days of food for all of us. The pickup won't get much farther before we're running on fumes. And LT's wound looks bad. He keeps fading in and out of conscious, but even when he's awake he's not talking sense. Dammit, he always knew what to do when the things seemed hopeless, but it looks like this war finally broke him."

In the aftermath of a last desperate attack against the Soviets, you and a few survivors find yourselves holed up in an abandoned farmhouse behind enemy lines. You were probably one of the lucky ones. What the hell are you gonna do to get out of this alive?

Twilight: 2000 is an alt-history post-apocalyptic military survival RPG. The Soviet Union never fell, and the superpowers went to war in 1997. The nukes began falling one year later. The world as we knew it is gone. You and your comrades, a mix of volunteers, draftees and civilians, have been fighting a hellish war in Poland for three years. One month ago, word came through from command about a big offensive, what they called Operation Reset. A last gasp of the superpowers to stab at each other. One week ago, the NATO offensive was crushed at Kalisz. The last words from HQ were "Good luck, you're on your own".

This is naturally a fairly dark game, especially given Putin's illegal war in Ukraine. These topics may come up during the game: violence, war, disease, forced labour, cannibalism, gory injuries, mental distress. Lines & Veils and the X card will be used.

The tone for the game is primarily serious, but a bit of dark humour is welcome to break tension. The only role-playing knowledge needed is being able to tell a d6, d8, d10 and d12 apart.

Twilight: 2000 4e

Still to Come

Sophie M

"Mayday, mayday, mayday. This is PrisonCorp facility 13-316-66. I repeat this is PrisonCorp facility 13-316-66.. oh god. They're getting through!"


PrisonCorp 13-316-66. A prison planet home to the sector’s toughest, meanest and cruellest. Recently the lights went out. As a member of the Marine Reconnaissance Unit you're the best of the best. But this place holds secrets, secrets you don't want to face. Can you find out what happen? And survive to tell about it?

Mongoose Traveller
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