Teenage Detectives

The Meddling Kids in: Escape from Seacliffe House

Will H.

“They’ve gone where?” The panic rising in Micki’s tone stopped the conversation dead, a quiet spreading across the whole gang, as their outburst caught the attention of everyone else, drawing them into what had been a private conversation.
“Who’s gone where?”
“Kelly.” Alex blurted, deer in headlights as everyone looked at them. They’d been betraying Kelly’s confidence by telling Micki, but they had to know, right? Telling EVERYONE was a different story, a bigger betrayal.
“Where’s Kelly gone?”
Alex’s eyes darted at their feet, blushing, they stammered out the words which they’d just uttered to Micki, which had caused the outbreak. “The Seacliffe Mansion.”
Silence drops over the gang, the Seacliffe house is renowned as cursed. No one knows who lives up there anymore, and the sounds that drift out at night are horrifying. But those are all just kids stories right? A bunch of teenagers have nothing to fear from Seacliffe mansion, right?

‘We’ve got to make sure they’re ok.’ – Jessie thinks to themselves, caring for their friend.
‘It’s all my fault’ – Connor shies away from the thought, they dared Kelly to go up there.
‘I shouldn’t have let them go’ – Alex dug into the shame, they’d known it was a bad idea to let Kelly go up there.
‘I never told them’ – Micki fights the panic rising in their gorge, they’ve got to save them, got to tell them what they feel.

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