expensive troll antler polish

The Dragon Scroll

Tim Oliver

The School for Enlightenment and Citizenship under St. Vartan and the King teaches an academic and practical curriculum, but its highest mission is to condition commoners to give up forever ambition, joy, true love, and any other emotion that runs hotter than lukewarm. Such passions and the magic they inspire are reserved for those with the correct breeding and quality - it's far too dangerous for the common folk. Clearly, this is the order of things.

You're being well paid to impersonate Royal Civility Assessors and sneak an important child out of this particularly chilly school. I'm sure you'll leave the place in good shape afterwards.

Spellbound Kingdoms is a swashbuckling-yet-totalitarian fantasy renaissance RPG. This is a prepublished adventure. Also this game has achievements if you like that kind of thing.

Spellbound Kingdoms
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