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The Spittleford Women’s Franchise League

Karen Wilson

Mrs Eliza Creswick and the ladies of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union invite all parties interested in the extension of electoral privileges to women to a public meeting on Saturday 27th May 1892 at St Anne’s church hall. Mrs Creswick proposes that Spittleford should follow the example of our fellows in Wanganui and Dunedin and form a Women’s Franchise League to promote the newest petition requesting the franchise. The Honourable Thaddeus Butler, Member of Parliament for Spittleborough has been invited to attend. Refreshments will be served.

This game will be a series of vignettes set in a fictional New Zealand community in mid-1892, during the period before the passing of the Electoral Act 1893, as people on both sides of the issue organise and attempt to influence the local MP.

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