Role playing role players

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Return of the league of extraordinary gentle gamers


**spooky narrator voice **
It is Thursday night in Hollywood. In the hills above L.A. a cabal of Hollywood greats come together every other Tuesday (scheduling permitted) to play the devil's game.

After many weeks of downtime it is time for them to face the greatest evil that the league have faced, Splitting up the treasure horde of the Evil red dragon king".

Unfortunately the players have become a little.... dysfunctional.

Will they be able to split the gold fairly or will agents get involved?
Will they try and usurp the game from the GM?
or Will they simply have a fun nights gaming and go home to their lives?

** end Narration **

a meta game for 4-6 players you are famous Hollywood actors playing an ongoing campaign and as such love/hate each other with all your heart.
a light hearted look into roleplaying and just how silly it is to roll dice and make up stories.

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