Apocalypse World

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Ice Station Omega

Tim Crow

They say that in the olden days, the world was warm, but barely anyone knows warmth outside of a gas heater. That you could have fruit from the tropics all year round, but now it's what potatoes and cabbage grow under UV laps. That the sun was powerful enough that power came from its very touch, but we live from the chugging of the gas generators.

Ice Station Omega, the only remaining soviet-era "Last Hope" station. It's been decades since The Freeze, and now it, the mines below, and the small radius you can reach on what snow capable vehicles you have is all you have ever known. In the buried warehouses are crates of guns and bullets, and the mines provide all the gasoline you want. What you're hurting for is food, and unity.

The call of the glow of the Aurora scratches at your psyche when your mind is open to its colours and veils. Threats both overt and covert seek their own goals at your expense. All you have is what you can grab hold of, and keeping it is a struggle.

But things could always get worse.

Content Warnings: Violence, Generalised despair and depression.

We will be using the Apocalyse World Burned Over ruleset, and thus while the initial setting exists, the plot will be driven from your choices as players and your agency within the world. This will be a game session uniquely for and about your awesome characters.

Apocalypse World 2E - Burned Over

Dropping Like Flies

Freya Sacksen

Another trimester at VUW and everything's just damn *peachy*. The philosophy students are splitting hairs to try and get laid, biology professors are killing rats, your crush just walked through a concrete block the other day, scarves are the latest fashion (especially for pretty male first years), you've got three assignments due in the second week, your roommate has the weirdest collection of books you have ever seen in your entire life, you think your theatre lecturer is some kind of fae or something and there's been a string of weird suicides lately.

...wait, *what*?

All is not well at VUW's Halls of Residences, and for once, the fact that a devil is after your soul may be the least of your worries...


50 years spent sleeping

Sophie M

....Initialising scan...
....External environment hostile...
....Initialise wake up protocol...
….Where am I?.....
….Why do they scream so?.....

50 years ago the world ended. No one can remember why. Now IT has woken. Will it end all over again?

Apocalypse World
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