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Scavenging in Soho

Armydan (Dan)

A lone warrior watches in a wasteland as far as can be seen, his idling trike’s v8 ticking over slowly. A small lizard nearby licks his eyes, scampers forward and is brutally cut in two by the lightning fast reaction of the warrior.

His eyes squint behind dark aviator sunglasses as he pulls up a set of binoculars to focus on a distant dust cloud, blurry forms at first, but then into focus three vehicles in convoy. A vw microbus, a Toyota ute and a v6 mustang.

“Fresh meat” grumbles the warrior and then he lets out a loud whistle. Hidden in the ruins beside him emerge more warriors, some on bikes, others on makeshift carts and a whole pile on a ramshackle truck. The warrior mounts his trike and whistles a second time as the war party rolls out.

A game for a troop of 5 scavengers using the atomic highway system, battling to survive in a harsh post apocalyptic world. Expect intense chases, brutal violence, tough choices in an environment of illogical scarcity. Mood of the game is silly fun (beer and pretzels), but due to mature content R16. Triggers for violence and body dismemberment.

Atomic highway

Hunting of the Snark


"They sort it with thimbles
they sort it with Care,
they pursued it with forks and Hope,
they threatened its life with a railway share,
they charmed it with smiles and soap."

A quest for an unknown creature in an uncharted land! a great but possibly incompetent leader! And there you are, after months of sailing, ready to find the Snark!


Girl Underground

Lauren McManamon

Girl Underground ( is a tabletop rpg about a curious girl in a wondrous world, inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Labyrinth, the Wizard of Oz, Spirited Away, and similar tales; written by Lauren McManamon and Jesse Ross.

Follow a young girl's journey of self-discovery through a whimsical, twisty fantasy land with the friends she meets along the way. Explore willowy woods filled with whisper-soft lies, or tricky fairy rings with riddling promises, all on the way to overthrow an unjust ruler, until you eventually find your way back home.

Players will create the Girl who is our protagonist for this adventure. They will also create unique companions to support her along the way. Some familiar faces include the Beastie (Puss in Boots, the Cheshire Cat, and other rebellious animals), the Faun (half-person, half-magic, all indulgence and whimsy), and the Runaway (Peter Pan and similar lost children).

Content notes: This is a game about discovering your core beliefs as a young person and using them to overthrow society's rules and norms. Some themes that may arise are gender exploration, gaslighting, growing up and the shame and awkwardness that comes with it, and patriarchal constructs.

However, the players choose which themes will come up in the game, and we will absolutely not touch upon subject matter that would be un-fun, upsetting, or triggering. This game is intended to be a safe, fun way to explore growing up.

Powered by the Apocalypse

The adventures of Captain Calamari and friends (Tm)

Paul Wilson

The Adventures of Captain Calamari and Friends(Tm)

In a hidden river valley the king and queen rule. their daughter the lovely princess Cassandra is protected by her toys. The brash Captain Calamari is the head of her household guard. He is joined on this adventures by the species confused dinosaur Tee Wrecks, the eastern european dragonling Vlad, A demon possessed cow la Vacha Diabla and the tallest teddy bear you have ever seen Henry.

Based on a completely non existent kids show "The adventures of captain calamari and friends." The five favourite toys are on a mission to find out where their princess has gone in the style of a educational children's show.

What will be around the next corner?

What horrors could be waiting in the dark castle?

What is going to work?


Style: Fairy tale fantasy but way of education show for the young at heart.

5 players using Fate Accelerated edition (FAE)

Fate accelerated edition (FAE)
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