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Skeletons on a mission

Sam Malcolm

The players play as skeletons that have awoken on a beach after their summoners castle base was attacked and they were knocked into a strong water currently bringing them to this beach at the bottom of the main island. due to the attack some of the players past lives experiences have started to flow back to them .unable to speak but able to communicate with each other due to a magical link. the players feel a bond to their master to return to the base and save him before he is kill or worse they might have to serve the attacker
Players will be given a base character sheet for their skeletons to build from.
This game isn't meant to be overwhelmingly deep and just to have fun with the idea of being a skeleton in a fantasy setting.

They system RULE OF COOL is a d20 based system with use of other dice from d4,d6,d8,d10,d12. this system is in a late working draft with the goal of getting it published along with addition material to compliment the system.
The system is mechanics heavy but is very intuitive once you get the hang of it and plays much like other d20 system games

Rule of cool

Hunting of the Snark


"They sort it with thimbles
they sort it with Care,
they pursued it with forks and Hope,
they threatened its life with a railway share,
they charmed it with smiles and soap."

A quest for an unknown creature in an uncharted land! a great but possibly incompetent leader! And there you are, after months of sailing, ready to find the Snark!


LARP: Take the Initiative

Russ Kale and Morgan Atkins

"The fiends of grey have narrowed eyes
and, following their stares of slate
the valiant may claim their prize,
but cowardice will seal their fate."

- Leddir the Foolhardy

The Subterranean Monastery is the subject of many rumours and lore. Many believe that it doesn't exist at all, and is spoken of as a cautionary fable about greed. Others dismiss it as the ramblings of those who have been on the road alone too long, or as a metaphor about life or education or something.
You are not so sure. After all, you have followed the clues, pored over ancient scrolls in archives that, for no good reason, are full of traps, and come this far. Now you stand in the central chamber of the Subterranean Monastery.

Something strange has happened, though. You are not alone here. Many of those who surround you are strangers, but they all share the same glint in their eyes. The treasure of the Subterranean Monastery is close. Will you be the one to grasp it? Where is it, anyway?

Take the Initiative is a fantasy-comedy larp drawing on tabletop roleplaying tropes, with a healthy dose of riddles, weird combat abstractions, and a barbarian named Konrad.


Enter the Alphabestiary

Morgan Atkins and Russ Kale

'A is for Adventurers'.

You have woken up, surrounded by your scattered possessions. There are others there, in this keep, and they seem just as confused as you. The only clue to why you are here is written on the wall, in a fine, almost scientific script. Your quest lies beyond that door with the strange lock...

Acquire an absolutely absurd accessory array, attack astonishing and arcane adversaries, and ascend above... an alphabestiary.

D&D 5e
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